‘I’m stripper like Magic Mike – women objectify me so I can’t trust them’

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    A male stripper has revealed just how difficult the job really is – and how performing on stage has made him trust women less.

    Jaxon Human – whose given name is Kristian Jordan Nagel – from Melbourne, Australia, is a former Love Island star and male entertainer who is a part of Magic Men Australia.

    The 29-year-old is also incidentally a Charlie Hunnam lookalike from Sons of Anarchy, who is the person that inspired his entertainment name.

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    When most people think of male stripping, the popular steamy trilogy Magic Mike usually comes to mind.

    The movies gave a fictional glimpse into the world of male entertainers and while the stripping industry has made significant strides, some stigmas still remain.

    Jaxon told Daily Star: “The stereotypes are the old school saying of ‘sex, drugs and rock n roll’ but it’s completely different.

    “The people that are making it as a professional and are getting out of their nine-to-five jobs are the ones that are really in the industry for entertaining, we're not really in the industry for women.

    “We love putting a smile on female faces, but we do get characterised as ‘These guys just want to sleep with us’ and we get characterised as players but we’re not surface people.

    “We like to speak to everybody in-depth and get to know people but a lot of the outsiders that aren't in our industry, they look at us and are going, ‘They're probably just sex objects’.”

    In the last 15 years, the social stigma surrounding male stripping has undergone a significant transformation, thanks in part to Channing Tatum’s on-screen performance in Magic Mike.

    While male stripping was once considered taboo, deviant and frowned upon, it’s slowly become more socially accepted.

    “Social media now has played a massive impact on people's perceptions of what we do,” Jaxon explained.

    “Years ago we were labelled as sex figures, now we're labelled as performers and entertainments because we can showcase what we do on social media and that’s had a real positive impact on how people view us.

    “The stigma definitely has changed in how people see male strippers. Everyone thought we were sort of the same as female strippers but what we do is completely different.”

    Jaxon went on to explain that he now often doesn’t even refer to himself as a stripper, instead preferring the terms entertainer and performer.

    He continued: “Then if people go, ‘So what do you do?’ I'll be like ‘Look, I take my clothes off for thousands of screaming women all weekend’ but it's more of the entertainment aspect.

    “If they ask me to explain it all to them I tell them they really have to come to a show and see it for themselves.”

    Working in the industry has also changed Jaxon’s perception of women.

    When performing, the audience is usually 95% made up of women – with a large portion of them being members of bachelorette parties. It is these brides-to-be that have surprised him the most.

    “It's very, very hard for me to trust females in a way because of what I do sometimes see,” he shared.

    “It’s hard to explain unless you see it yourself but females have an ‘Oh my god it’s my last night to f*** up’ mentality.

    “I do sometimes get shocked and go, ‘Is this lady really getting married next month?’ because of how she reacts in situations.”

    When touring Australia, the Magic Men performers have to fly from city to city, which can be quite taxing on the body.

    Sometimes Jaxon and his co-stars are doing back-to-back shows and soon they will be touring around Europe and the UK.

    “People don't realise how intensely we train in the gym and sometimes we have to deal with females and males onstage that are sometimes overweight where we do have to pick them up,” he said.

    “If we don't train and treat our body right and eat clean, and eat correctly, we can't sustain the level of intensity of how we perform.

    “It definitely is a massive shock to people to when they do come to a show and they see what we actually have to put a lot of work in to produce a show and execute a show like we do.”

    Jaxon tracks his macros, which means keeping an eye on the breakdown of carbs, fats and protein in the food he eats.

    This allows him to be a bit more flexible with what he consumes – but he can’t go a day without coffee and two pieces of banana bread in the morning.

    He usually follows this with a smoothie or eggs and for lunch, he often prepares a large carb-loaded meal, such as a big bowl of pasta, rice and chicken or prawns. Before bed, Jaxon munches down on a salad.

    When preparing meals he takes into consideration his workout routine as before he trains he will load up on carbs to help give him energy and post-workout, he will enjoy a protein smoothie.

    Before heading on tour, the 29-year-old goes to the gym every day and eats as clean as possible to ensure he’s in peak performance.

    Then while on tour, he will only have a light meal the night before he’s on stage so he doesn’t look “fluffy” while on stage the next day.

    He will always get a gym session in the morning, even if he has an early flight to get to the next city they’re performing in.

    Jaxon has been in the entertainment industry for 12 years now, starting when he was a teenage busker in Melbourne.

    His friends always joked that he should be a stripper but it was when the first Magic Mike movie came out that he was truly inspired.

    After looking for male dancing jobs he answered a job for Magic Men – and the rest is history.

    Magic Men’s strippers are the most sought-after and dynamic group of male entertainers in Australia.

    They recently expanded their tour from Australia to New Zealand and Canada – with plans to go worldwide and add Europe and the U.S. to the list.

    Jaxon added: “I'm grateful that I do wake up every day and go, Is this really what I what I do. So I am extremely excited. I'm excited to show the world why Magic Men is the best.”


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