DEAR DEIDRE: AS I am now 70, I’m worried – is my sex life really over for good?

I’m a married man and my wife is 65.

We always enjoyed a great time in bed together but lately my erections are failing.

My wife says it’s all right and that she really doesn’t mind – but I do.

I keep fit, I don’t smoke and I only drink a beer a couple of times a week. We enjoy a good social life together and also like walking.

Our walking weekends and the sex that often comes with a night away somewhere new was something we would look forward to.

Now I fear I will have to kiss goodbye to any passion we used to enjoy.

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DEIDRE SAYS:  It’s always wise to have a talk with your GP if something physically changes.

Doctors agree that a good sex life is great for your physical and mental health and it’s all in a day’s work for them to check you over.

If you are given that clean bill of health, my ­support pack Great Sex At Any Age is full of tips that should help you to get your mojo back.


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