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An influencer is refusing to take keyboard warriors’ cruel comments to heart.

Karina Irby, a swimwear designer from Australia, has been told to “cover up” by trolls.

But she defiantly ignores critics who imply she’s “gross” and “not skinny enough” for Instagram.

The 31-year-old flaunted her curves in a tie-dye bikini and hit back against the haters.

She captioned the powerful image: “Am I not skinny enough for your feed?

“More often than not when I post pics like this I get an influx of people telling me – ‘Ew. No. Gross. Pig. Cover up.’ I’m sorry but LOL! What?!”

Karina believes people have a warped idea of what “real women” look like due to unrealistic beauty standards in shop windows or pornography.

She added: “I’ve come to the conclusion those types of people have a sickly, secret obsession with store mannequins. And nothing against store mannequins… I’m sure they are great gals.

“But real women look like this. And all different types of ways.

“The quicker they get their head around it, the quicker they might have a chance to see a women naked in real life.

“Not in porn. And not in between clothing changes in the shop window.”

Karina’s post garnered more than 50,000 likes – and many agreed with her message.

One commenter admitted: “Girl, I was crying tonight because after having two kids and always being super small and in shape my whole life, I’m not in the shape I want to be and feeling super depressed about it.

“This post made me feel better. We need more of real life on our feed.”

Another said: “Women on Instagram contort their body to look a certain way. It’s absurd. I prefer real.”

Others branded the influencer an inspiration.

A fan gushed: “Don’t you dare EVER cover up – you are incredible.

“Block the haters, because there is SO MANY of us that absolutely love you.”

Another agreed: “I think you’re beautiful exactly as you are.”

And a third added: “Confidence makes weak people feel even worse about themselves.

“Only reason you get those hateful messages.”

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