Instagram is often a place where we find ourselves comparing our lives with friends, family and even influencers.

For some, scrolling through a feed of never ending holiday snaps and edited pictures can leave us feeling a bit blue.

However, Instagram influencer Megan Lane uses her platform to share unedited and realistic pics which is motivational and refreshing for many.

Megan boasts a whopping 365,000 followers on Instagram and often shares relatable content with her followers which offers a real insight into the influencer world.

In her latest Instagram post Megan has shared two very different pictures of herself which has left her followers in stitches.

The stunning influencer jokingly captioned the popular post: “If last night and this morning had a love child.”

Pictured in the first snap, the influencer can be seen glammed up with a face full of makeup and ready for a night out.

However, in the second snap Megan can be seen casually lounging in a green and white striped swimsuit with no makeup on and pulling a rather sad face.

Hilariously, Megan even edited a picture of her 'morning' face onto the 'night' before picture in the hilarious social media post.

The upload has proved popular with many of the Instagram stars' followers.

People flooded the comments with laughing emojis and thanked Megan for showing a ‘realistic’ side of being an influencer.

One user commented: “But come on, a queen regardless.”

Another person added: “You are the best.”

A third person said: “Best thing I’ve seen all week.”

Meanwhile, someone else stated: “Absolutely adore you. Thank you for your unrelenting realness! For what it’s worth, you are beautiful in both pictures!”

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