Many social media influencers are boosting their popularity with TikTok videos, with the site becoming one of the main places to pick up new subscribers.

However, influencers over the age of 30 have been told to stay away from the site because they're 'too old', apparently.

The savage suggestion came from the Celeb Spellcheck Instagram page, according to Daily Mail.

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The account, which boasts 238,000 followers, reportedly screenshots awkward posts from celebrities who may have made a spelling error in the caption.

However, the page has now broadened its horizons to hold 'influencers to account for their lies and irresponsible behaviour'.

The page administrator, who is anonymous, held a Q&A with their fans about social media.

And when asked who they thought was the Australian celebrity who was most cringe, Celeb Spellcheck cast their net very wide indeed.

"I would say it's all the thirtysomething old-school influencers who got lucky with an Instagram following years ago but bring absolutely nothing to the table trying to make it on TikTok," they said.

"TikTok is a whole new ball game. You need something to offer and a pretty face doesn't cut it. Plus it's absolutely brutal."

Little is currently known about the person who runs the Celeb Spellcheck account.

Based on past Q&As, the administrator is likely to be a female in her late 20s, works in PR and now lives in Melbourne's south-east.

The account holder seems to want to keep her identity anonymous as she said she's only told her boyfriend and a few friends that she runs the huge page.

We feel like there may be a few 30-something influencers sending her an angry DM if her identity does get revealed!


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