Ink enthusiast gets ‘Brad’ tattooed on armpit in honour of Hollywood legend

Many people pick tattoos that have sentimental meanings.

This could be honouring a late family member or choosing an inspirational quote that means something to them.

But most wouldn't be brave enough to get a giant portrait of their favourite character or Hollywood actor inked onto their skin.

Just a bit like Samantha McCullough has – but without the detail.

The tattoo enthusiast has decided to go for a very much tongue in cheek, or should we say, Brad in armpit design.

Hilariously, Samantha has opted to honour Hollywood heart throb Brad Pitt by getting him inked onto her skin.

And no, she has not got an intricate artwork of his dashing looks needled onto her body.

Samantha has chosen to get the word ‘Brad’ tattooed in bold letters on her armpit. Brad pit, you get it?

In a viral Facebook post, the avid ink-getter shared a couple of snaps of her latest A-lister addition.

She held her arm up straight as she revealed the big ‘Brad’ that is now showcased in the fold of her armpit.

Samantha had to shave her pits for the nod to Mr Pitt, she captioned the post: “Say hello to Brad Pitt.”

It is no surprise that Facebook users lapped up her very interesting tattoo and so fled to the comments to share their laughter.

One person giggled: “If I ever get a tattoo…"

Another user added: "This is hilarious."

Whilst a third person voiced: "Amazing!"

Elsewhere, a woman who thought she'd 'never have s*** tattoo' gets dodgy drunken inking.

And, a tattoo model says brutal eyeball ink left her blind for weeks and crying blue tears.

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