Inside Candyman’s wild parties as he hunts for new girlfriend to romp with

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    Travers Beynon has built up a name for himself as a man who loves to party – but he’s also stirred up controversy in doing so.

    Australia's answer to Hugh Hefner, Travers, 50, has been throwing these wild events for 22 years, with his parties earning him the title of Gold Coast playboy.

    If you thought the Playboy Mansion was wild, wait until you hear about what happens behind the closed doors of The Candy Shop Mansion.

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    The tobacco tycoon – also known as The Candyman – is known for his outrageous and outlandish parties that involve stripping, orgies and bondage.

    “All the parties are wild! People see my parties as a time out from reality and as an opportunity to express themselves,” he told Daily Star.

    “The guests and the atmosphere that the Candy Shop Mansion always provides a wild time at the best house party in the world.

    “We are always planning the next party. Once we have plans in place we release dates via social media. We encourage everyone to follow the Candy Shop Mansion on Instagram so as not to miss out on the party.”

    The Candy Shop Mansion’s annual parties are legendary and stories of outrageous decadence and outlandish behaviour have been circulating for years.

    The sizzling sirens who live in the mansion are known as goddesses and it's their job to entertain guests hand-picked by their host and lover.

    They're often seen decorated with food for guests to eat off – and parade around the property in barely-there clothing.

    His parties also feature several International DJs, performances by professional entertainers, exotic animals, beautiful women and the largest, most expensive residential fireworks display in Australia – there is also an exclusive VIP area for the very lucky few.

    Travers believes that his parties have become even wilder since the Australian Covid lockdowns and restrictions.

    He told us that the human spirit has been hurt and it’s his job to bring back people’s wild side.

    “When people are locked down around the world, can’t socialise, kept from their families, can’t go to schools and can’t go to work, it affects people,” he explained.

    “The party’s mission is to make a positive impact on people, to have guests walk away with the best experience of their life.

    “We have held parties in the past with 1500 guests and free alcohol and there are no fights and nothing ever gets broken.”

    Travers makes sure to have lifeguards, nurses, paramedics and ambulances on call in case anything does go wrong as he wants to ensure the safety of all of his guests.

    He also claims to have two to three times more security than any other event as well as bar staff who have been trained in the responsible service of alcohol.

    Travers is often flanked by stunning women in the mansion and now he and his glamorous wife Taesha are on the hunt for a new girlfriend to join their polyamorous relationship.

    It comes after the couple split with their 'main' girlfriend, Nisha Downes, who used to be featured regularly on the couple's social media pages but has been absent for months now.

    The pair ended their relationship with Nisha and asked her to leave the mansion and are looking for a new live-in girlfriend who is willing to party and travel – and they’ve even created an online application.

    “I have effectively bypassed the system and created my own online dating app and finding a new girlfriend has been good,” Travers explained.

    “I don’t hide, it’s out in the public. Girls approach us and our last girlfriend lasted seven years, it’s not something we look for short term, we want someone who’s real and genuine about being a girlfriend.”

    “I work hard, I play hard and I live the life I choose to live. People will form their own opinions including likening me to Hugh Hefner.”

    He added: “[My sex life] is better than most, above average! It’s non-stop.”

    You can follow Travers on Instagram here and Taesha here and apply to be their new girlfriend here.


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