Inside Mrs Hinch’s ‘Narnia’ cleaning cupboard piled high with favourite products

Mrs Hinch gave fans a peek inside her famous cleaning cupboard.

She calls the wardrobe Narnia as it’s stacked high with a load of her favourite products.

Everything is neatly organised – with laundry essentials on the bottom and bathroom items in the middle.

The 30-year-old influencer, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, shared a picture of everything she uses to keep her home looking immaculate.

She captioned the image: “Welcome behind the scenes to my cupboard of Hinch.

“It will always be a Narnia to me.”

So which products does Mrs Hinch keep in that neatly organised cupboard of hers?

  • Flash Bicarbonate of Soda Spray – An all rounder that’s great for cleaning hard surfaces around your home
  • Cif Stainless Steel Spray – Banishes stubborn dirt and grease from stainless steel surfaces, which makes them look brilliantly polished
  • Sponges – tucked away in a box labelled “Mrs Hinch’s Sponges” are a stack of cleaning tools. Her favourite cloth pokes out the top. The Minky has one abrasive and one smooth side for buffing dirt away
  • Soda Crystals – Mrs Hinch uses these to keep her sinks smelling fresh and blockage free
  • Mr Sheen Multi Spray – A great product for shining wood, glass, metal and plastic surfaces
  • Fairy Liquid – A staple in every home. It’s mainly used for washing up but can also be used to disinfect surfaces and items
  • Flash Multi Purpose Floor Cleaner Liquid – Sophie likes the Bicarbonate version as it helps to cut through grease and grime. The product also promises floors that shine and look fresh

  • Elbow Grease Surface Cleaner – The cleaning guru often reaches for this formula when she wants to get rid of grease spots on fabric items
  • Febreze Fabric Refreshener Spray – It keeps fabric and furnishings smelling fresh even when you haven’t cleaned
  • Flash Antibacterial Spray – A great all rounder for disinfecting hard surfaces around the home
  • Viakal Limescale Remover – Banishes stubborn limescale – from taps to the toilet and shower
  • Stardrops White Vinegar Spray – A multi-purpose cleaning product that’s commonly used on limescale and stains
  • Ariel All in 1 Pods – A popular laundry product for dark and coloured clothing that promises “cleaner and brighter clothes with each wash”
  • Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver – Pop this in the washing machine to remove pet hair from bedding, towels and blankets. It’s very handy for the Hinchliffes as they have a cocker spaniel called Henry

  • Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover – You can use the brush head to remove tough stains and odours from upholstery and carpets
  • Pink Stuff Paste – An abrasive cleaning paste you can use to scrub off stubborn stains from hard surfaces like saucepans and tiles
  • Flash Bathroom 3 in 1 Anti-Bac Liquid – A spray you can use to disinfect the bathroom in a jiffy
  • Lenor Fabric Softener – Sophie’s favourite is the Spring Awakening scent but she also uses floral fabric softener to give her clothes a lovely fragrance.
  • Fairy Non Bio Pods – Washing liquid capsules that are great for sensitive skin
  • Bold All in 1 pods – Scented washing pods that make your clothes clean, soft and fresh – and they smell great too

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