Sam Hall has played the part of Samson Dingle in Emmerdale since 2009.

He is currently the fourth actor to do so, taking over most recently from Charlie Pell when he was just five years old.

Sam, 18, is two years older than his on screen character who was born on January 12, 2006 making him 16.

Originally the actor is from Bradford, West Yorkshire and aside from his recurring role in Emmerdale, he’s been in the soap’s one-off special ‘Emmerdale: The Dingles – For Richer for Poorer’.

Samson Dingle’s parents on Emmerdale are Sam Dingle and Alice Wilson. Prior to his birth Alice played by Ursula Holden-Gill was part of a tragic cancer storyline.

She was advised to terminate her pregnancy when expecting Samson but a determined Alice had no intention of getting rid of her baby and gave birth prematurely in 2006.

When she was told to stop chemotherapy treatment after it wasn’t helping she and Sam played by James Hooton were involved in a euthanasia plot that saw Sam help her end her life.

Samson himself has been involved in many bit plots including when he swapped urine samples with Noah to allow him to be accepted into the military.

This went pear shaped when Noah’s mum Charity found out and reported the situation to the assessment centre.

Later Samson stood up to school bullies after his step mum Lydia was involved in a plot that saw her fall prey to identity theft.

Some local lads attacked and mugged her in revenge for what they believed she’d done. Samson witnessed the attack, but didn’t intervene, however it soon became clear he knew the boys involved.

He ended up taking a crowbar to school and chasing the lads with it to get revenge.

Recently Samson has been involved in a plot with villain Meena Jutla when he helped Noah hide Leanna’s ring he’d stolen from Meena.

However, recently there have been hints the youngster is to be involved in a tragic storyline after his father Sam explains it is important Samson checks his testicles regular for any lumps, especially if he is going to be more sexually active.

This comes as Emmerdale this week released a trailer for the soap’s ‘flash forward’ week.

The trailer ends with a horrific car crash scene, which fans fear could be Cain Dingle and that he could die .

All of this comes as the soap gears up to celebrate its 50th anniversary in October.

Producers Jane Hudson and Laura Shaw have said the big milestone will see a "golden month of celebration".

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