Inside the real Happy Valley house

Inside the REAL Happy Valley house: Owner of Hebden Bridge home where Sarah Lancashire filmed powerful scenes says his kitchen was painted ‘dark red’ for show – and jokes mugs were hung ‘the wrong way’ after filming

  • Final episode of Sally Wainwright’s West Yorkshire police drama ends tonight 
  • Man who bought house used as Sergeant Catherine Cawood’s home after series two reveals he agreed to let producers use it for the final series
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The real-life owner of the terraced house used as Sergeant Catherine Cawood’s home in Happy Valley has revealed how he got a surprise call from producers after moving in to ask if they could film the final series of the BBC drama in his property.

The house had previously been used in series one and series two of the police thriller – with Murray Chalmers and his family moving into the property after the second series had been shown in early 2016.

The final ever episode of Sally Wainwright’s gripping show will air tonight on BBC One, with fans excitedly anticipating a nail-biting crescendo to the long-running feud between Cawood and psychopath Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton).

The terrace’s kitchen and outdoor patio has featured frequently throughout all three series, with many of the programme’s most powerful scenes playing out around the kitchen table, and on the cobbled street behind the house.  

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Kitchen drama: Sally Wainwright’s gripping police drama starring Sarah Lancashire as Sergeant Catherine Cawood and James Norton as psychopath Tommy Lee Royce reaches a nail-biting finale this evening on BBC One at 9pm – the same house has been used as Cawood’s home for all three series 

On Saturday, Murray told BBC’s entertainment correspondent, Colin Paterson, that he couldn’t live with the dark brick red colour that the kitchen was painted for the show, preferring a more low-key sage green colour.

He said: ‘Just occasionally you’ll look at bits in your kitchen, for instance, you’ll think “My goodness, they’ve hung the mugs around the wrong way.’

Asked whether it’ll be a happy ending for the show’s policewoman, he said: ‘I don’t know. Somewhere inbetween the two probably’. 

Current owner Murray Chalmers moved in after series two of the show was filmed and was surprised when producers got in touch asking if the home could also be featured in the third and final series – he said he couldn’t live with the brick red shade that features in the room on TV

In series one: Sarah Lancashire is seen in the kitchen of the property in the opening episode of the drama in April 2014

Series two’s first episode saw Sarah Lancashire as Catherine Cawood, and Siobhan Finneran as Clare Cartwright, Cawood’s sister, in the outdoor space of the property

And the final series opened with the pair back in the same spot – as Cawood reveals her plans to retire and travel the world

BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson, left, with Murray Chalmers, the property’s current owner, discussing the outcome of tonight’s episode

From an elaborate prison escape to a pharmacist murdering his neighbour with a rolling pin, viewers are eager to find out how the interconnecting sub plots will weave together.

Last sunday night’s penultimate episode finished with Tommy Lee Royce revealing his plans to flee to Spain with his son Ryan (Rhys Connah), with police no closer to closing the net on the escaped convict.

Lancashire became a producer for the third and final series and it’s thought that following on from the success of her TV and film career, Sarah Lancashire is setting up her own production company with TV executive husband Peter Salmon.

The home’s owner said he was on the fence as to how Wainwright’s popular drama will conclude

Chalmers joked that his mugs weren’t always put back correctly after filming

The same stain-glass window on the property’s front door looks set to make a cameo tonight. Right: As the front door looks in real life

 Siobhan Finneran as Clare Cartwright pictured in the kitchen of the home, where some of the series’ most powerful scenes have taken place

According to The Sun Sarah, 58, who shares one son with the producer, 66, plans to create her own shows after filing paperwork for Via Pictures last week.

A source told the publication: ‘ She is going to be in huge demand, but it’s important to remember she has also had a lot of creative say behind the scenes on the plot and the way Happy Valley was filmed’.

‘Sarah’s husband, Peter, is one of the most respected and well-liked TV executives in the industry’.

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