There are hair transformations – and then there’s Gordon Ramsay’s latest beard look. Majestic, is a word that comes to mind, but according to his fans so is “Santa Claus”.

Debuting the look on his Instagram account, the TV personality and chef is pictured with a layered-looking beard in place of his usual clean-shaven complexion.

“Winter’s coming, I’m growing my beard,” he captions the image.

Gordon was met with mixed reviews from followers, with several labelling him to “a gnome”, and “Santa Gordon”. Others, however, were delighted with his new found facial fuzz.

“The beard suits you, Chef,” says one, while another comments: “You look like a wizard in a mid-life crisis.”

Other users cottoned on to the fact that Gordon could currently filming new TV show episodes, and therefore his new look is likely to be the result of some clever hair and makeup work.

“Somebody is about to get surprised! Gordon is going incognito,” points out one follower.

Also giving clout to the idea of the beard being faux is the fact that the 54 year old appeared in the Strictly Come Dancing audience this past weekend looking just like his usual clean-shaven self.

Since his daughter Tilly Ramsay is starring in the dancing competition, it’s likely Gordon’s face will be a regular feature in the audience as he cheers her on (and probably keeps an eye out for any wandering hands from her partner Nikita!)

Tilly, 19, has been taking the dance floor by storm on Saturday nights. The influencer, who has amassed nearly a million Instagram followers, has been sharing backstage insights into her dance training.

Earlier this week, she shared a snap of herself dolled up to dance the Charleston. Though she didn’t score full marks for her dance, we’re awarding her top points for her retro beauty look, which featured pin-curled hair, bold brows and glowing skin.

“Amazing performance, what a joyous incredible 2 minutes,” proud dad Gordon commented on the post.

Let’s hope Nikita doesn’t give him reason to label him “an idiot sandwich”!

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