It's Finna Be Like Hella Over, Okay?! Revisit Our 11 Favorite Insecure Episodes Before The Season 5 Premiere

For four seasons, Insecure has given us stories about characters that worked hard, loved hard, and reminded us Trayvon Martin was somebody’s child and the FBI Killed Fred Hampton on their sweatshirts before laying their edges in the mirror. 

The adventures of Issa, Molly, Lawrence, Daniel, Tiffany, Kelli, and the rest of the squad reflected the best and worst of what it means to be young Black and striving. They climbed mountains and combed through the messy together and along the way they guzzled cognac, embraced their sexuality, sought therapy, admitted their fears, designed their own dinner party fonts, shared finsta accounts, suffered sexual mishaps, and finally found a way to ask for what they wanted. 

Photograph by Merie W. Wallace/HBO

For thirty minutes on HBO Sunday nights, the playful insults, shady debates, and undying loyalty of Black romance and sisterhood were put on full display. 

They woke up with missing tracks after a night of debauchery in the desert, reminded us to never send emails after recreational drug use, and kept it real about how things can change when your homegirl becomes a whole parent.

Insecure introduced us to new faces and celebrated a variety of Black art forms and acknowledged the way Black neighborhoods can be stripped of their identity.

The show took us to Inglewood, Malibu, Chicago, the Coachella valley, and the desperation lurking in Beyoncé’s DMs. It even anointed the entryway to The Dunes a cultural landmark that show-runner Prentice Penny compared to the Black Hollywood sign. 

As we gear up to see how our faves’ stories come to a close in the show’s final season, see 11 of our favorite Insecure episodes below. 

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