Jamie Chung: Raising Twins With Bryan Greenberg Has Changed My 'Identity'

Proud parents! Jamie Chung and husband Bryan Greenberg’s lives have completely shifted since they welcomed their twin sons.

“It’s a huge part of my identity, and, like, really nothing else matters and nothing else brings me as much joy as, like, seeing them smile or seeing them discover something,” the Once Upon a Time alum, 40, exclusively told Us Weekly on Thursday, May 4, while promoting her and Greenberg’s partnership with Shipt. “I think I was just so afraid of it ‘cause I was like, ‘I don’t want [parenting to take away who I am],’ but it’s kind of my choice [because] I do love being a mom.”

Chung — who shares her 18-month-old boys with the 44-year-old One Tree Hill alum — even quipped that she’s now “that one person” at parties who will show off photos of her sons to other attendees.

Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung’s Relationship Timeline

“Like, you just can’t help it. It’s who I am now and I’m totally OK with that,” the Lovecraft Country actress told Us. “I’m really proud ‘cause it’s the hardest job that I’ve ever had in my entire life. … I wouldn’t say rewarding — it hasn’t really happened yet — but there are moments of it, like, when they smile or when they trust you or you have that great connection. There’s nothing like it.”

Chung and the October Road alum — who wed in 2015 — announced in October 2021 that they had secretly welcomed their first children, a pair of twins. Since becoming parents, the Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong costars had to adjust to their new normal.

“For me, the toughest part right now is that they’re actively trying to die at every moment,” Greenberg confessed to Us on Thursday of his boys, while Chung stifled a chuckle. “And everything could kill them. Like, ‘Oh, that used to be a chair and now it’s a death trap?’ I don’t have time to play Wordle or anything, you know, you can’t even look at your phone [and] with two [kids], it’s just game on as soon as you wake up. So, it’s just like really being attentive and really, like, just making sure they’re alive, and that’s the hardest part.”

While Chung and Greenberg are constantly worrying about their kids’ safety, they can’t help but marvel over how their personalities are developing.

Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg’s Twin Sons’ Cutest Photos

“They’re so different. One’s a little bit more independent and the other one’s really sensitive and needy and just whines about anything,” the Real World alum told Us. “And I’m like, ‘OK.’ The toughest thing is like, ‘Let’s use your words, you know, what would you like instead of grunting and screaming?’ It’s like, ‘Do you want your blanket? Do you want some water?’ … He can’t communicate yet, but it’s [about] offering those resources and the tools that he needs in order to communicate.”

Chung — who jokingly tried to get her husband to choose a favorite child on the spot — further revealed how parenthood has strengthened their relationship.

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“It forced me to be a better communicator. I don’t like talking about things or having to talk about feelings, you know, but now if we don’t communicate, like, the whole family falls apart, whether it’s logistics or planning or, you know, ‘I have plans on Thursday, you need to watch the kids or should we get someone.’ It just requires, like, open communication,” the Misfits actress added on Thursday. “It’s constant communication, but also I think there are moments where there’s lots of big feelings with every individual and if I get frustrated, I have my support, which is Bryan, to talk me off the ledge — literally.”

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The twosome are also using their communication skills to make sure their Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations go smoothly. To help, they’ve enlisted Shipt’s reliable personal shopping and delivery service to get tasks accomplished.

“We’ve kind of incorporated them into our Sunday night meetings ‘cause we divide and conquer,” the Hangover actress told Us. “I’ll take half the week and Bryan will take half the week, every other day. ‘Who’s preparing the meals for the kids? Who’s making dinner for the family?’ And so, we’ll have our Sunday meeting, do our shopping list, purchase all the food, have the food delivered, do our meal prep and then we’re ready for the week. It’s all organized and it’s pretty integral in our routine.”

Greenberg added: “It’s just invaluable to have somebody who you trust and knows your preferences, like, your own preferred shopper, going to the stores that you need and shop at. It’s great.”

Shipt is currently offering a new promotion, which runs through May 14, where interested subscribers can sign up for a yearly membership for a discounted rate of $49.

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