Jana Hocking reveals how she got over her ex – but it's a little toxic

It might sound toxic, writes JANA HOCKING, but I got over being dumped by getting ‘revenge hot’ – and I think all women should do the same

  • Jana Hocking reveals how she got ‘Revenge Hot’ 
  • She says it is better than other breakup remedies she’s tried

Sound the alarms! There is a hot (literally) new dating trend doing the rounds that is equal parts petty and fabulous! And I personally am a BIG believer and participant in it.

It’s called ‘Revenge Hot’, and it’s defined as the new level of hotness you strive to achieve after you’ve been scorned by a romantic interest to make them jealous.

Is it a slightly toxic way to deal with rejection? Yes. Does it work? Double yes!

As someone who has been dumped before (I know… shock, horror.) I have turned to unusual methods to get over a breakup.

There was the trusty ol’ ‘to get over someone you should get under someone’ method. But all that resulted in was me bursting into tears during a hot and heavy session with a bloke, because to quote ‘you’re not him!’ Oh, the embarrassment was real as I sobbed and picked my clothes up off the floor. I still cringe.

Jana Hocking has revealed how she got ‘Revenge Hot’ after a tragic breakup

She admitted she moped around the house in tear for too long before she decide to overhaul her image to make her ex jealous

Then there was the ‘just get really drunk’ method. But that also ended up in a sobbing mess and a hangover from hell.

So trust me when I say I have tried and tested both so you don’t have to. Bad, bad, bad outcomes.

The real tactic you want to take when getting over a brutal dumping is the ‘Revenge Hot’ method. Not only does it result in a glow up but if all goes to plan it will provide the perfect plot reversal from said ‘breakup.’ Or if he doesn’t come running back, you can bet someone else will.

Let’s face it, you wanna look top notch when hitting the dating scene again because it is a shallow world out there my friends.

So last year when I was in the midst of my breakup, I was sitting on the lounge having a pity-party-for-one when I decided to binge watch Yellowstone. I was looking for some kick-ass female energy to give me a good dose of mental strength pronto and there’s no one fiercer then Beth Dutton.

This will sound a little lame, but there’s a scene where she gets rejected by the male lead character, so she puts on some sexy boots, a tight boobalicious dress, whacks on some smoky eye-make up and struts around the ranch like she’s about to enter America’s Next Top Model competition. Before long the male lead was following her around like a dog on heat.

Now, I wasn’t delusional enough to believe this was a real-life scenario, but in times of need I often think ‘What would Beth Dutton do.’ And what Beth Dutton did was get her sexy on.

I got off the couch, left my pity-party-for-one and decided to get proactive. I planned and plotted my ‘Revenge Hot’.

Jana, pictured in her ‘comfy relationship’ phase, decided to head back to the gym as a priority 

Step 1: Gym

As tends to happen in a relationship. You get a little comfy, start enjoying a few too many cosy nights in with a pizza and a movie, and gym time gets replaced with hanging out with your partner. Safe to say my exercise routine had gone out the window, and my backside had become extra cushy.

I decided it was time to tone up. This worked a treat not only for my bod, but also for my brain. The extra endorphins that exercise provides gave me better mental clarity and a good dose of feel-good hormones.

Step 2: Update my wardrobe

No more boring cardigans and lose pants to work. Nope I went corporate chic. I started wearing tight black suits, Blazers and mini-skirts, sexy stockings and figure-hugging dresses.

I transformed my social wear as well. I replaced my daggy Kmart leggings for cute, branded gym wear. And no more ‘jeans and a cute top’ to social gatherings. I bought every Vogue, Marie Claire and InSyle Magazine in sight. I combed the pages looking at what women of style were wearing and then gave the credit card a good workout.

As shallow as it seems, I can not begin to describe how much better I felt wearing clothes that made me feel special. Seriously, dress yourself up in a killer outfit and notice how your confidence soars in social settings. Better than all the Valium in the world.

She also bought stylish activewear, office wear and casual clothes which helped her to feel more confident 

Step 3. Botox

I’ve never understood women who deny themselves the pleasure of a taut face. There’s no denying it takes years off your appearance, and sorts out that resting bitch face.

I went to a lovely lady recommended by a friend and she gave me just enough to look fresh, as opposed to someone straight off a bravo reality series. Scary.

An she got Botox to help her keep her youthful looks – she says a month after she started n he mission to be ‘Revenge Hot’ her ex messaged her 

Now I’m not saying I’ll be gracing the catwalks anytime soon (lord no, I was not blessed with those genetics!) but the benefits that came from my ‘Revenge Hot’ were endless. One month later I got a ‘I miss you text’ but thankfully by then I was feeling so on top of my game I couldn’t give a hoot. I had endorphins, renewed confidence and a better sense of self.

So yes, a breakup can feel like the end of the world but what if it gave you enough motivation to seek the glow-up you’ve always wanted. 

Turn that lemon into lemonade people.

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