January 11 – Disagreement erupts over the new presidency

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He declared leaders wanted to “create a world governed by justice and the moral law”. But there was a disagreement over who should be the new president.

The majority expected it to be Belgium’s foreign minister Paul Spaak but Russia wanted Norwegian Trygve Lie.

61 years ago (1962) Four thousand people died when a huge landslide of ice and rocks engulfed seven villages in the Andes, in the north-western part of Peru.

Another avalanche in the same region in 1970 killed around 20,000 people, leaving only 400 survivors.

23 years ago (2000) Seven Scottish fishermen drowned when their scallopdredger sank in strong gales in the Irish Sea.

In their last radio message the men said that they were close to the Isle of Man, but their bodies were recovered by divers three weeks later. An accident report later found that the boat was unsafe.

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