Kaitlynn and Brody open up about their split, filming together and where they stand now.

The first season of “The Hills: New Beginnings” ended with Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter still very much married, while their relationship fell apart in real life off-camera.

Season 2 will tackle the fallout from the duo’s split, something Carter told TooFab she wasn’t initially interested in doing.

“I personally worked pretty hard to not have to film Season 2 because I didn’t think I wanted to get back into … I really felt like I signed originally as Brody’s wife and that was kind of my role on the show,” she explained.

“I didn’t really want to continue with it. I just kind of wanted to move on. I didn’t end up having the option, but I’m very grateful that I stuck with it because I feel like I had the most fun filming this season,” she continued.

Production on Season 2 initially started in early 2020, completing three episodes before the coronavirus pandemic shut them down. They didn’t pick back up again until 9 months later — and having that extra time certainly helped Carter feel better about coming back.

“I do think it was very helpful to have time in between the seasons because … I feel like some of the things we shot in February, I wasn’t even that clear on in terms of where I stood on certain things or what my feelings were,” she explained.

“And because COVID and getting shut down again I had this mandatory window, as did everyone, to really spend a lot of time with myself. I did a lot of Zoom therapy. I did a lot of just, kind of rebuilding and figuring out who I am as an individual. So, coming back to filming once we got restarted in October, I was a lot more clear on who I am and it just allowed me to be a lot more comfortable with what I was saying on camera.”

She added that she was able to have a “such a good time” this season because she put in the work during their break and “really comfortable and secure in who I was filming this time.”

Brody told TooFab he and Kaitlynn are still “great friends,” despite their split  generating some serious headlines. “I love Kaitlynn. We spent six years together. It was a very mutual, great breakup. There was no animosity, it was just totally clean. Everything was great,’ he added of the breakup itself.

“So it was cool being able to film with her and we talked about a lot of the stuff in our relationship and things that went wrong and things I did wrong,” he continued. “We get deep about it and we talk about it on the show, but ultimately I just want to see her happy. My main goal is just to see Kaitlynn happy and she seems like she’s doing really great. She’s got a new boyfriend now. She seems very happy so it makes me happy.”

He also teased that viewers will see a different side of Jenner this season, now that he’s living the single life.

“We do have some little relationship things that we have in the show — sort of dating and stuff like that,” he added. “So, that’s gonna be fun to see that.”

“The Hills: New Beginnings” premieres Wednesday, May 12 at 9pm on MTV.

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