Body language expert Darren Stanton, speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, revealed how the Princess of Wales has changed her behaviour and body gestures to become “the most confident member of the Royal Family”. Darren opined that the public saw “an even more abundant, confident and powerful version of Kate” at King Charles’s Coronation and claimed that with her new body language signals, the Princess of Wales demonstrates the kind of monarch she eventually wishes to be.

The body language expert commented that in the early years of Kate becoming a public figure, “she was shy and reserved, and we often called her the girl next door”.

“This is similar to Princess Diana’s experience, as both proved to be quite shy, and it was clear they were not comfortable in front of the camera and sought more anonymity,” he opined.

Signs that someone is not comfortable being the centre of attention or when they are lacking confidence can be illustrated nonverbally by a lot of gestures.

“For example, it could be a simple touch to your face, picking some invisible grit from the eye or touching the chin, or putting your hand on your head, averting eye contact with others, getting a red or pale face from embarrassment and more,” Darren explained.

In the early days, the public saw “a combination of these gestures” in Kate “which illustrated that she was not remotely confident in the public eye”.

However, after years in the public eye and especially after receiving her new title of Princess of Wales, Kate has developed “resilience and confidence” and holds “fantastic eye contact”.

Darren commented: “A few years after being exposed to more and more media, interviews and public scrutiny, it is clear Kate began to develop a resilience and confidence within herself to cope with the rigours of being in the public eye.

“We began to see a decrease in many of her tell-tale gestures, like the hand towards the face, her folding her arms, which is almost like a self-hug or pacifying gesture that seeks reassurance,” the expert claimed.

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According to the body language guru, Kate no longer makes these gestures, and instead “these old gestures are being replaced by new powerful, abundant and confident body language”.

The expert added that the Princess of Wales now holds “fantastic eye contact with whoever she is speaking to”.

Darren also commented that she performed “admirably” at the Coronation and proved what “kind of monarch she will be”.

The expert opined that at the Coronation, people saw a more “confident and powerful version of Kate”.

“I think Kate will perform admirably and continue to demonstrate what kind of monarch she will be with the eventual King William.

“She now understands that she will attract even more attention from the members of the public and the media than Princess Diana ever did before because of the digital era we live in.”

Darren predicted that from now on, and as her role of monarch approaches, “we will see lots of confident gestures, like holding a strong posture, matching and mirroring their body language to build a rapport when she is meeting other members of the Royal Family, and especially dignitaries from overseas as the next in line to the throne”.

Kate and William will be seen “very much as an extension of King Charles and Camilla,” the expert opined.

Darren also opined that the Princess of Wales’ new “powerful” body language shows that she is now “the most confident member of the Royal Family”.

He commented: “Kate is very much accepted by all the members of the Royal Family, especially Camilla, with whom she has a strong friendship, and Kate has a great deal of respect for her mother-in-law”.

As with Princess Diana, “the world is slightly obsessed now with Kate and what she will be wearing, how she behaves, what she will say and her fantastic sense of humour”.

When Kate undertakes official engagements she can show her personality a little, and these moments “allow her to reveal to the public, ‘I am just like you, I may be a royal, but I’m still on your level and I know how to enjoy a joke’.”


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