Kent pub hits back at one-star review branding food 'salty and soggy'

Kent pub hits back at reviewer who left scathing one-star write-up for inedible food – saying there is CCTV PROOF the diners ate most of their meals

  • Reviewer blasted The White Horse Inn in Dover but joint landlord hit back
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The joint landlord of a Kent pub has hit back at a scathing review that blasted the eatery, branding their visit ‘disappointing’.

According to the customer, they were left ‘angry’ after their trip to The White Horse Inn in Dover, which they said did not live up to the positive things they’d previously heard about it.

Taking to Google to blast the pub in a one-star write-up, the reviewer wrote: ‘After hearing positive reviews about this place, I was very much looking forward to eating here however, I’ve left feeling very angry and disappointed. 

‘I’m not sure what I’m more disappointed in, the salty soggy roast dinner or the attitude of the staff. Either way good luck if you visit this establishment.’ 

The review followed an incident in the pub, during which one of the pub’s landlords was asked to talk to an unhappy diner, according to KentOnline.

The White Horse Inn in Dover has hit back at a scathing one-star review criticising the food and staff

Stuart Fox told the outlet he was asked to come and talk to a group of unhappy diners, who were complaining about the food.

Before going to talk to the group, he said he checked the CCTV footage, which showed them eating their meals. 

He said: ‘I was told by staff the group claimed the food was inedible – the review calls it salty and soggy – and they started picking off bits to take home to the dog.

‘I can see based on the CCTV what they’re saying makes no sense.

‘They looked like they enjoyed it, one of the group even leaned over the table to try a bit from someone else’s plate and three of the four plates are completely clear.’

According to Stuart, the group ordered four meals, four beef roast dinners and one pork, with the beef meals all eaten but the pork dish left barely touched. 

Describing the interaction he had with the group, Stuart said they said they were annoyed at having to wait to speak with him.

He added that when he said he’d been watching the CCTV footage, the men started ‘getting very aggressive’.

The one-star write-up accused the pub of serving ‘soggy’ and ‘salty’ food, and also criticised the ‘attitude’ of staff

Aiming to meet them halfway, he offered a refund for the uneaten pork meal, and says the group ‘begrudgingly’ paid, without leaving a tip.

According to Stuart, he disagrees with their claims that the food was inedible, on the basis of their empty plates.

He pointed out that if a meal was not edible, then it would not make sense to clear the whole plate.

Despite the incident, and the subsequent poor write-up, the pub is well-regarded and enjoys a 4.5 star rating on Tripadvisor where it has 804 reviews including 596 with five stars.

Despite the one-star write-up, the pub enjoys a 4.5 star rating on Tripadvisor, with many diners leaving glowing reviews 

One happy customer, who gave the eatery five stars, wrote: ‘Yet another amazing visit to the white horse on Sunday. Just two of my teens and I this time. Love walking in and being welcomed by my name. Stu showed us to our table and took drinks order. 

‘Two of the lovely girl came and had a chit chat too whilst taking our order. We all ordered the beef and a cauliflower cheese each. As always, it arrived and smelt and looked amazing. So much meat. Perfect Yorkshire pud. And delish gravy. 

‘My son demolished all of his and a bit of mine! Left feeling very full and very content. Thanks to the whole team. See you again soon.’

Another wrote: ‘Just finished up a wonderful evening at the white horse with great company. Food was excellent and exactly what we were looking for! Judy who looked after our table was absolutely superb and was so attentive with anything that was needed. Thanks again for a great evening and we will be back soon!’

And a third review, in a similar vein, said: ‘Myself and Mum have just been for Sunday lunch. The food was lovely. Staff very efficient. Food arrived quickly. Landlord is very nice and friendly. I would definitely go again and definitely recommend anyone to go for a lovely Sunday lunch.’ 

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