Kevin Federline Is Being Sued By His Kids’ Private School

Kevin Federline may paint himself as the more responsible parent when compared to his ex-wife Britney Spears, but the DJ recently found himself in the middle of a legal battle featuring his children’s private school.

According to Page Six, the private Christian school in California filed a case with the Los Angeles Superior Court on May 9th, claiming that Kevin and his wife, Victoria Prince, owe the school over $15,000 over their two daughters Jordan and Peyton’s tuition.

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The school alleges that the couple have failed “to pay for services which had been provided on credit at their special instance and request.”

Despite reaching out to Kevin about the outstanding balance, the institution says he “refused [to pay] and continue to fail and refuse to pay all or any part of the remaining balance due.”

Now, the school is looking for the $15,000 it’s owed as well as 10% interest in addition to its legal fees being covered.

The news of Kevin’s recent lawsuit comes shortly after it was revealed the former dancer plans to move his family to Hawaii, including the two sons he shares with Britney Spears, as his wife was offered a job at the University of Hawaii.

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In May, Kevin apparently sent a letter via his lawyer to Britney, requesting her permission to move with their sons to the tropical state. Kevin has maintained primary custody of their boys since 2008.

According to reports, Britney isn’t challenging Kevin’s request, largely because of how strained her relationship is with her sons.

Sean and Jayden have reportedly refused to see Britney, largely over her scantily clad social media posts and tenuous relationship with her family after her conservatorship was lifted in 2021. One report claims that Britney hasn’t seen her boys in-person in over a year.

Nevertheless, Britney continues to pay child support to Kevin over their sons, and she may have to pay even more, should K-Fed’s move to Hawaii happen, as it’s one of few U.S. states that has extended child support laws. Britney may have to pay until their boys turn 23.

For now, Britney hasn’t publicly responded to the reports of Kevin’s plans to move with their boys, nor has she addressed her ex-husband’s recent lawsuit.

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