Khloe Wasn't Having It When Tristan Thompson Tried Paying for True's Birthday Party

"I don't need anyone's help."

Khloe Kardashian threw an over-the-top birthday bash for daughter True Thompson earlier this year — and she didn’t want any assistance from Tristan Thompson when it came time to foot the bill.

On Thursday’s new episode of “The Kardashians,” the family gathered to celebrate True at a pastel-themed party filled with balloons, a giant inflatable slide and treats galore. Tristan, however, was MIA as he had a basketball game the same day.

“I don’t know if Tristan was here today, if that would add more stress to me,” said Khloe in a confessional. “We do co-parent really well, but I haven’t seen Tristan in person since before Christmas time.”

FYI: The episode was filmed in April.

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Though Khloe seemed happy that Tristan got True a diamond necklace as a gift, she pushed back when Kris Jenner revealed another way he tried to drop some money on their daughter.

“I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you this or not, but Tristan called me and he said he privately went ahead and took care of the whole party,” said Jenner, much to Khloe’s surprise.

“No, he’s not taking care of the whole party,” she said, as Kris reiterated that he already did. “That’s nice, but I won’t let that happen,” Khloe added, before Kris tried to convince her to let him.

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“He was so excited to do it,” said Jenner, before her daughter quickly shot back, “And I’m so excited that I could do it all by myself.” Kris pushed back, again, saying Tristan really “wanted to do that for her for her birthday.” It was still no dice from Khloe, however, who ended the conversation saying, “That’s very nice but I won’t let him do that.”

She explained her stance in a confessional, simply adding, “I work really hard to do elaborate things for True and I don’t need anyone’s help.”

“I cannot believe True is turning 4. I’m entrusted in raising her and I take that role so seriously,” said Khloe earlier in the episode. “I have an opportunity to shape her into such an incredible young woman and I’m not going to take that job lightly. I’m going to do the best job I can do.”

As the show has documented thus far this season, Tristan confirmed in January 2022 that he fathered another baby with Maralee Nichols — and allegedly hid the truth from Khloe until she found out about it in the press. The pair split, but still welcomed Baby #2, a boy via surrogate, in August.

New episodes of “The Kardashians” drop Thursdays on Hulu.

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