KSI and Logan Paul reveal NEW Prime drink flavour – and hint there's more to come | The Sun

KSI and Logan Paul have revealed there is a new Prime flavour and hint there is more to follow.

The YouTube stars behind the hugely popular hydration drink have promoted a new lemonade flavour, which has got the internet buzzing.

Both Paul and KSI were seen handing out bottles of the limited edition drink in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

It comes in a bright yellow bottle and despite the sunny weather in California the two stars behind the drink were snapped wearing what looked like bright yellow waterproof jackets.

There are few details about the drink, but it appears to be part of a publicity drive with the stars handing out 10,000 bottles for one day only and the new flavour won’t be available to buy.

In a video clip posted online, Paul said: “Venice Beach, limited edition Prime Lemonade. Only 10,000.”

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Then KSI added: “Only here. Only today.”

Fans of the drink were eager to know more.

One wrote on Twitter: “Limited flavour or bottle?”

Another said: “Is this an America only flavour or coming UK too????”

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While a third commented: “When is that coming to the stores?”

The stars have also hinted that more than one new flavour could be on the way.

A picture of the pair promoting the new lemonade flavour was posted online with the caption: “Prime shoot for new flavours”

While the tweet said: “Logan just said ‘new flavours’… meaning more than one.”

Prime, marketed as an energy drink, has taken the world by storm, especially with youngsters and teenagers who are desperate to get their hands on it.

The drink claims to “help you refresh, replenish, and refuel”, it contains B vitamins, electrolytes and coconut water.

It was released in June last year and still has thousands of kids — or their parents — scrambling to snap up any of its eight flavours.

Even celebrities are using their star power to try to shortcut the queues, with Wayne Rooney pestering KSI for a bottle for son Kit’s seventh birthday in January and Stacey Solomon getting in touch to say she couldn’t find any on the supermarket shelves.

This led to many sellers cashing in with sky-high prices.

One off-licence in Wakefield, West Yorks, was ­reportedly flogging the drink for £100 a bottle.

And on eBay, it is being sold there at price tags often well over its supermarket price tag of £2.

Since the drink launched it had been available for £2 from Asda, Aldi and Spar.

Premier League club Arsenal announced a partnership with the brand a month later, making the drinks available for fans at their Emirates Stadium on match days.

Sainsbury’s in February started stocking the drink, and due to the large ­volume of calls it receives about the product, issued a statement saying: “Our Contact Centre colleagues don’t have any further information on the stock of Prime drinks currently available.

“If you’d like to know the availability of Prime drinks in your local store, please visit the store itself.”

But despite Brit KSI and American Logan being the faces of Prime, The Sun on Sunday revealed the brains behind it are publicity-shy US businessmen Trey Steiger and Max Clemons, who own the firm that created the drink.

The pair, both in their twenties, met at school in Louisville, Kentucky, and now control a drinks empire experts say is set to produce ten million bottles a year, making more than £85million.

Trey, 28, lives in a £2.3million luxury modern house with a pool, a 1.4-acre garden and its own dock on a private estate in Florida, while Max, 29, is in a £2.4million high-rise apartment in Nashville, Tennessee.

They own company Congo Brands, which in turn owns Prime Hydration in the US and in the UK.

With their followers either side of the Atlantic on TikTok, YouTube and other social media, KSI and Logan are ideal partners to push the drink internationally.

The multi-millionaire pair, who became friends as boxing rivals, are getting a big but closely guarded fee for the tie-up with Prime.

But Companies House accounts show neither control Prime Hydration UK — owned by its US parent, which in turn comes under the umbrella of Trey and Max’s Congo Brands.

Experts predict that, at its current rate, Prime will become a rival for “fitness drink” giants such as Gatorade and Powerade, generating millions for years to come.

Marketing expert Stefan Drew said: “They are cleverly leveraging the popularity of KSI and Logan Paul, which can be measured in their huge social media followings.

“By using a Brit and an American, they cover both sides of the Atlantic. Using these two with their huge but interconnected followings looks like branding genius.”

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