Kylie Jenner’s Business Sued Again, This Time By Model Who Didn’t Get Paid

Kylie Jenner is facing a new lawsuit launched by a model who claims she wasn’t paid for work done for one of the makeup mogul’s businesses. However, her team is denying all allegations.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Sasha Palma says she did several photoshoots to promote Kylie Cosmetics. But she wasn’t paid on time after completing the work.

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The model completed the first photoshoot in June 2020, and was supposed to be paid the following month, which Sasha says never happens. She claims her contract entitled her to compensation should the payment be late.

Sasha completed another photoshoot for the company in August 2020, but didn’t receive payment by the deadline for a second time. In total, she’s seeking $1200,000 from Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie’s team has already responded to the allegations to deny them. They allege Sasha was paid within the deadline stipulated in the original contract and that they have documentation to corroborate.

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Sources tell TMZ that Kylie believes the model’s management may have withheld payment from her, though that would be an issue between them, not involving her makeup business.

Following the 2020 photoshoots, Sasha appeared to believe she was on good terms with Kylie’s company. The insider added that not only did Sasha attempt to get more work from the brand, but she also requested a letter of recommendation, which they didn’t provide.

This certainly isn’t the first time Kylie and one of her businesses has been hit by a lawsuit. One of her first lawsuit was in 2015 when her and Kendall Jenner’s collaboration was sued for trademark infringement.

Kylie Cosmetics has also been accused of stealing artwork for advertising purposes. This includes in 2020 when L.A. makeup artist sued the company for using her images without permission in a campaign.

More recently, in 2020, Seed Beauty – the manufacturer of Kylie and Kim Kardashian ‘s beauty brands – sued the both of them for allegedly selling insider trade secrets after selling stakes of their companies to Coty Inc.

Kylie’s baby daddy Travis Scott is also having various legal problems of his own. Though he recently settled a dispute over an assault, he’s still facing more than $10 billion in lawsuits over the Astroworld tragedy.

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