The LA real estate business is seeing a first of its kind when it comes to receiving payment for luxury properties. A lavish mansion in Bel Air worth $87.77 million will be accepting bitcoins as a form of affording its seven bedroom, eleven bathroom layout. The affleunt estate also comes with a pretty extensive NFT collection.

Savvy bitcoins miners have been using the difficultly acquired crypto cash to purchase a number of items, from video gaming systems to hotel rooms. The rise of the NFT has seen billions of dollars funneled into bidding on one of a kind virtual art pieces. But the option to purchase the glamorous Palazzo di Vista with this sort of currency stands as a groundbreaking source of buying properties that could soon become the new norm.

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“It’s just an additional way of us trying to make it easy on potential buyers,” real estate agent Mauricio Umansky tells The Hollywood Reporter, “because there are so many multimillionaires and billionaires invested in using crypto.”

While cryptocurrency may suffered a drop when Elon Musk denounced bitcoins earlier this year on Twitter, there’s increasingly becoming more and more venues in which the currency can be applied.

“Crypto is something the sellers are very interested in, and it’s a growing movement that I believe will be incorporated into the residential sphere,” real estate agent Aaron Kirman  at Compass tells Forbes.

Another aspect of our new technological society that isn’t going away anytime soon is NFTs. The estate in question comes equipped with a rather impressive collection of art collection worth $7 million, many pieces being non fungible tokens.

Assembled by MDP Art Curators, the collection includes pieces from such renowned artists as Andy Moses, Ghost Girl, and Jimi Gleason. Each piece will be bought separately according to The Sun.

The design behind the Palazzo di Vista, or “Palace of Views”, was conceived by real estate developer Dr. Alex Khadavi and made possible by Ali Rad Design Group. According to the Robert Report, the five year project was inspired by the mathematician, Fibonacci’s golden ratio and overlooks the Channel Islands and an Gabriel Mountains.

With a glass floor walk, a floating DJ booth, and a massive Feng Shui koi within a glass elevator, this mansion definitely fits the $87 million price tag. If there’s anyone out there with a large heaping of bitcoins to their name, this amazing home can be all yours!

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