A lad underwent a dramatic hair transplant transformation – and some have 'refused' to believe he's the same person.

Having been 'born' with a 'bad' hairline, Kegs went through various of styles to conceal his forehead.

He relied on styling and accessories to feel more comfortable with his tresses.

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And, at the age of 19, he started to lose his hair at the front which made it "worse" for him.

Insecure about his receding hairline after a few years had passed, Kegs started to 'spray paint' his forehead to cover what he had lost.

So after getting a 'hair system' that was glued to his head, he decided to take the plunge and get a full hair transplant.

Kegs went viral after sharing what his hair looks like five months post operation – and it's safe to say people are amazed.

In the TikTok clip, which has racked up a huge 5.1million views, the bearded bloke first shared what he looked like not too long after he received he treatment.

His hairline appeared to have a dotted look after singular hairs had been transplanted onto his bald head.

After the procedure, Kegs face appeared "swollen" – and he later gave an update five months down the line.

Kegs posed with his new head of hair that appeared thick and healthy.

With the help of his pearly whites, the lad's smile gleamed as he confidently showcased his transformation.

"The difference five months makes", Kegs explained.

"How swollen was my head", he wrote in the caption along with a barrage of laughing emojis.

Stunned at the lad's transformation, many people fled to the comments to praise his new appearance.

One person commented: "The glow up of the year."

Another user added: "I refuse to believe this is the same man…"

While a third gasped: "Omg wow u look good."

Someone else praised: "Looks class mate."

Meanwhile, a fifth gushed: "That’s incredible."


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