Harry and Meghan: Host discusses Lilibet's birthday party

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Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor, daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is a Gemini, one of the more “playful” star signs who is said to become “fiery” and “fight for the right causes” just like her mother. Express.co.uk spoke to Inbaal Honigman, Celebrity Psychic and Astrologer about Lili’s star sign in further detail and what type of young woman she could grow up to be. 

Inbaal said: “Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was born on the 4th of June, 2021, at 11.40am in California.

“She is a Gemini, just like her great grandfather, Prince Philip was.

“Geminis are sociable and communicative, as they are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. They’re chatty and friendly, and as children, they’ll start babbling and talking at an early age.

“Interestingly for Lilibet herself, within her full astrological chart, we find the planet Mercury right next to the Sun, in Gemini as well.” 

She added: “People with Mercury in Gemini chat twice as fast and twice as often as everybody else, and the young girl is likely to find her way into a career in communications, like journalism or storytelling.

“Gemini is a playful sign, not authoritative and controlling, and so the monarchy might not suit her. 

“Had she been brought up in a palace, she’d have found royal protocol to be too restrictive for her. 

“A Gemini would want to wear what she wants to wear, not shiny formal shoes and navy suits.

“Lilibet’s ascendant sometimes referred to as the rising sign, is in Leo. But only just,” the expert commented. 

“Had she been born just three or four minutes later, she’d have had Virgo rising.

“Her Leo rising will give her a dramatic flair in life. She’d be fiery, happy to fight for the right causes, and totally at ease on a stage. And it will strengthen her bond with her mother Meghan, whose Sun sign is Leo.

“Had she been Virgo rising, she’d have been meticulous, tidy, and focused. This would have strengthened her bond with her father Harry, himself a Virgo sun.

“Her moon sign is in Aries – a fun and vibrant placement which means she’ll be tireless and adventurous,” Inbaal added. 

“Her chart is fairly balanced, with many influences from all the four elements. 

“The intellectual element of Air is represented in her Gemini Sun sign. 

“The romantic element of Water gets a strong representation with both her Mars and Venus in Cancer.

“The passionate element of Fire is seen in her Leo ascendant as well as her Aries moon. And of course, the predictable Earth element is there in her Taurus midheaven.

“A balanced chart such as this suggests that she takes interest in anything and everything, and is a very busy and curious little darling,” she said. 

“She will grow to become an adventurous lady with many admirers, and is likely to retain a youthful perspective on life, well into old age.”

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