The Royal Mint detail their 2021 annual coin set

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A famous Kew Gardens 50p has been snapped up for a whopping £281, over 300 times its face value. The coin was sold on October 11 after a tense bidding war between numerous collectors.

The limited edition coin is one of the sought after among collectors as only 210,000 were minted, making it very rare.

According to the Royal Mint, it is one of the top 10 rarest coins in circulation- beating a number of other commemorative 50ps, older 10ps, 20ps and more.

The coin is also number one in Changechecker’s latest 50p scarcity index, a position it has held for years as one of the most in demand.

The coin, which was designed by artist Christopher Le Brun, is so special because it features  Kew Gardens’ Chinese pagoda with the 2009 mintage date and 1759 250th anniversary milestone.

The coin first entered circulation in 2009 through post offices and banks across the UK.

The seller explained on eBay that this 50p in particular had been in circulation but was still in “great condition”.

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The listing began at 99p and within seven days it closed with the final £281 sale on October 11.

Royal Mint says around one in every 300 UK households could have one lurking around.

If lucky enough to find one, the coin can be sold on eBay but should be verified by The Royal Mint first to reassure buyers they are getting the real thing.

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