Londoners shocked by cake costing NINE POUNDS a slice in St Pancras

£9 for a slice of cake! Baked treat for sale for almost a tenner in St Pancras leaves commuters unimpressed

  • Author Marc Burrows took to Twitter to reveal he’d purchased the pricey treat
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Londoners have expressed their shock after learning that a bakery in St Pancras station is selling cake that costs a staggering £9.20 per slice.

Twitter user Marc Burrows, author of The London Boys, took to the social media platform to share his surprise at the pricy baked treat.

He wrote: ‘I just bought a slice of cake on a whim from a shop in St Pancras station because it looked so delicious in the window, and it cost NINE POUNDS TWENTY. For a SLICE OF CAKE. I was so stunned I actually paid it.’

He purchased the treat from EL&N, which is known for its Instagrammable drinks,  including its Red Velvet latte.

The store offers a range of baked goods, which their block cakes priced from £8 each, and their slices costing from £8. 

Femail has contacted EL&N for comment.  

Londoners have expressed their shock after learning that a bakery in St Pancras station is selling cake that costs a staggering £9.20 per slice (stock image) 

In a series of tweets he continued: ‘Vegan rose and pistachio if you’re interested. It was very nice, I’d say “In fairness” but …

‘(the whole cake was vegan, not just the rose – which is not traditionally meat, dairy or egg-based)

‘I feel like I should make a clarification here. £9.30 is NOT the normal price of a slice of cake in London. 

‘I’m aware it’s tempting to go in on the “typical of that London, eh?” but it’s actually, ya know. Not.’

Other Twitter users expressed their surprise at the price of the cake, with some also sharing stories about shockingly expensive food and drink items they had bought.

One wrote: ‘The first time I came across a £12 pint was in St Pancras. They warned me, but by that time, I felt that I’d committed.’

Another added: ‘I could bake you two whole ones for that. That happened to me with a bacon and egg roll once. It cost nearly 15 quid!’

A third wrote: ‘London prices are still freaking me out. Paid nearly a tenner for a pint of peroni on Friday and nearly u-hauled back up north right there and then.’

Meanwhile another said: ‘This but £3.50 for a packet of crisps at a garden centre yesterday. Absolutely floored.’

Twitter user Marc Burrows took to the platform to discuss buying the very expensive cake – prompting other social media users to share their own experiences of pricy food and drink

Among the comments on the tweet, which garnered some 52,000 views, were a number of people admitting that they had paid for expensive food despite wincing at the price.

One wrote: ‘I’ve done this before. The mistake I made was being really chirpy and friendly to the server and not wanting them to think I was a Scrooge.’

And another said: ‘That’s outrageous! But, once you’ve committed it’s so hard to say ‘er, no thanks…’ I did the same in Oslo. Two coffees and a brownie to share … £32!!!’

A further Twitter user agreed, writing: ‘That’s how they get you like, it’s so much that the only way to refuse would be to shriek “HOW much?” and storm out.

‘You’re too damn polite for that, so you just pay and leave awkwardly, swearing never to go in there again.’

Another added: ‘I could bake you two whole ones for that! That happened to me with a bacon and egg roll once. It cost nearly £15!’

And a fourth admitted: ‘I did this once with a bag of pick n mix in the cinema, though it was as my own doing, overloading with jelly beans and liquorice torpedoes.

‘I was so shocked/embarrassed I just paid and left. It cost more than my cinema ticket.’ 

Another person asked: ‘So, how did daylight robbery taste?’

Many social media users confessed they were gobsmacked by the price of the cake, with one commenting they would have ‘cried’ paying £4.50 for a slice 

‘It makes me feel slightly better if it was nice, I don’t know why I always take it personally if I feel like I’m being ripped off,’ another commented. 

It comes weeks after commuters passing through Liverpool Street Station in London revealed their shock after spotting sky-high prices of red roses being sold for Valentine’s Day.

One passenger shared a picture on the online messaging board Reddit of an unidentified gift shop in the station selling bouquets of roses for three-figure prices.

On the forum London, the commuter posted a photo of two small bunches of red roses priced at £200 and a slightly larger bouquet at £385.

They simply titled it ‘£385 of roses in Liv St Station’ and let the near-200 commenters say the rest.

Many said their partners would be horrified if they spent that much on Valentine’s Day gifts.

One user said: ‘I showed my Mrs and she said “if you buy those I will leave you on principle”.’

Another added: ‘I’d feel the same. I’d not be able to get past our mortgage payment (obviously don’t live in London) being spent on something that would be dead in a week and not leave a lasting memory (that’s a weekend in Morocco flights included, for example, or almost double the price of the tasting menu in the Shard – sans drinks and still cheaper with them).’

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