Maccas worker reveals why she hates when customers order Happy Meals

McDonald’s employee reveals the one meal she hates customers ordering: ‘I have a burning hate for these people’

  • Maccas worker hates when people order Happy Meals
  • She has to ask a series of questions to put the order through 

A McDonald’s employee has vented her frustration over customers who order Happy Meals. 

Carina Angelica, from the US, finds Happy Meals annoying as she can’t complete the order until she checks off everything the customer wants. 

For every Happy Meal, customers have to chose between nuggets, a hamburger or a cheeseburger then fries or apple slices for the side and which drink they want.

She said she’s also often interrupted by customers while she’s trying to get all the information she need to put the order through. 

The 19-year-old acted out a hypothetical situation with her and a mum asking for three Happy Meals for her kids in a TikTok video. 

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McDonald’s worker Carina Angelica (pictured) has ragged on customers who order Happy Meals and interrupt her while she’s trying to ask what sides and drink they want

I hate happy meals 😭 #mcdonalds #greenscreen #fastfood

‘Yeah sure, what kind? Carina asks to which the ‘mum’ replied: ‘One cheese burger, one chicken nugget and one hamburger’.

Carina then has to clarify if the Happy Meal with the chicken nuggets is a four piece or a six piece.

‘I can’t send you order until everything is checked off,’ she wrote in the clip. 

The Maccas worker then needs to ask if they want extra fries or apple slices for the hamburger meal. 

The 19-year-old acted out a hypothetical situation with her and a mum asking for three Happy Meals for her kids in a TikTok video

McDonald’s worker: This is the best way to order a Happy Meal

  • Don’t talk over the staff member, they’re going through a list of requirements that they need to input into their system
  • Make sure you know exactly what sides and drinks you want with each Happy Meal
  • Finish your order before moving on to the next.

‘And for the cheeseburger, extra fries or the…’ she said before the customer interrupts asking for a diet Coke. 

Carina then needs to know what kind of drink the mum wants with each of the Happy Meals. 

‘Chocolate milk,’ she responds. 

‘For all of them?’ Carina queried but the customer instead asks to add a large fries to the order. 

Fellow McDonald’s workers in the clip’s comments were in strong agreement with Carina’s Happy Meal gripe. 

‘As McDonald’s employee I thought I was the only one who had a burning hate for people who order Happy Meals,’ one viewer said. 


‘Can I have a happy meal? Yeah, which one? Apple juice,’ laughed a third. 

‘They expect us to read their minds and already know what drinks they want,’ added a fourth.

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