No Halloween costume? No problem! Make-up artist reveals six last-minute looks you can create in a flash with what you have in your make-up bag

  • Laura Kay outlines six easy, fuss-free Halloween party looks for FEMAIL 
  • The make-up expert says they appear high effort, but are deceptively easy to do 
  • A horror prom queen, evil bunny and corpse bride are just some of the ideas 

Halloween is only days away and many will have been getting ready for their ornate make-up reveal for months.  

But if you haven’t – worry not!

Professional make-up expert and founder of cosmetics shop, Laura Kay from London, tells FEMAIL six easy looks you can whip up with minimal effort, and for maximum effect.

Most will leave you with five minutes to spare, and require minimal additional make-up kit.

Laura advises that it’s important to establish which look you’re opting for from the beginning based on what you’re working with. 

If you have sensitive skin stay away from a heavy full face of makeup and instead focus in on one intrinsic area, which will still give you the fully desired scary effect but will also save your skin from reacting to the makeup or clogging your pores. 

Likewise, if you wear glasses normally and are comfortable with contact lenses, a distinctive contact lens can easily transform your look instantly.


Using @makeupbyash.x (pictured) as a reference, Laura says it helps to think about the appearance of dried blood for this look

The simple, but effective, glam horror look can be finished off with a crown for maximum effect 

Layer on the glamour

Laura  said: ‘A horror prom queen looks more complicated that it is to replicate. Firstly, go for a glamorous makeup look – think ice queen colours and shimmering eye shadows. Really accentuate the eyes with lots of detail, remembering to lighten up the inner eye and opt for bold false lashes.

Spray your hairline red

Then use a small makeup brush to apply Vaseline, starting at the central point of the top of your head and apply in lines down your face. A good tip here is the think about how water would run if you poured it down your head. 

From your hair line then fill in the gap with a face / body friendly red paint or powder, and then apply red diamond pieces exactly where you applied the Vaseline previously.

Apply jewels 

‘@makeupbyash.x has even thought about the appearance of dried blood and has strategically applied a dozen or so black diamond jewels right at the edge where the red diamonds finish which really helps to make a big impact. Finish with a crown – hello horror prom queen!’


Laura says this make-up look, which uses deep tones to make your face pop, can be finished off with jewelled bunny ears

Get contouring

Laura recommends that using deep tones can help bring this deceptively simple look to life.

‘Two-toned hair is totally optional,’ she advises. 

‘For the makeup, go for a very smooth finish with a build-up of blush and tanned contour. After the base and contour is complete pay attention to the brows with a dark palette to groom the brows to stand out.

Use natural tones and black eyeliner

‘The eye makeup is layered with creamy red infused brown and natural tones and smudged and blended heavily for definition. A sharp black liquid liner is carefully drawn on around the inner and outside of the eye with a definite point/tip on each inner eye. A prominent cat eye is also drawn leaving only half a cm from the edge of the outer brow.

Apply white eyeliner

‘A white pencil eyeliner can be used on the inside of the eye line to help make your eyes pop! Stick on face diamonds have been applied on the top and lower eye and finished with delicate but extended faux lashes.

Opt for matte lipstick 

‘For the lips, apply a charcoal lip liner thickly around the lip line, filing in at the corners. Use a matte red lipstick all over the middle sections followed by a clear gloss to blend in. The finished lip should look amazingly 3D. You could also wear an overall black lip option instead, if you wish.

‘Complete with jewelled bunny ears.’


Contour is key in this corpse bride inspired look, Laura says, and should follow the line of your cheekbones 

Wear light and dark blue and black face paint

This iconic, horror movie fan look can be completed with creative usage of make-up pigments, Laura says.

The make-up expert explains: ‘To copy the corpse bridal look, you will need three face and body makeup powers or water activated face paints which you can easily buy last minute off Amazon.

‘One light blue, one darker blue and a black are your go-to products to achieve a corpse bride. Apply the lighter blue shade evenly over your entire face and then use the darker blue shade and black to build up contour.

‘The contour should follow the line of your cheekbones, around the edge of your forehead (for a 3D effect) and strategically applied to narrow your nose. You can use a brush to help blend and define certain areas into the two blue tones.

Use purple eyeshadow 

‘Eye shadow is relatively simple with a mid-purple tone for the outline of the eye sockets and a white shade applied right under your brows to create maximum contrast.

‘The brows look raw and you can recreate the look by applying some Vaseline on the inner section of each brow, then using a strong black liquid liner, hand draw on individual hair strokes.

‘Eldora is a range of cruelty free false eye lashes which are for creatives that you could buy to achieve an over exaggerated lash look like Joan Kru has.

Finish with matte lips 

‘Lips should follow a wide smile outline and opt for a matte lipstick in a rusty rose colour (such as Morphe’s Matte Lipstick in shade Tempt)’


Laura says this is the perfect, simple but effective look, which is perfect for anyone in a rush this Halloween 

Accentuate brows and eyes

For a simple but stunning look for your Halloween party make-up, look no further than this glam blood splatter, Laura says.

‘If you are in a rush this free style Halloween look could be for you,’ she says. ‘To help achieve this look, apply your usual foundation but on this occasion opt to go heavier on your brows and eyes, building up your eyeshadow however you like.

Use liquid eyeliner for added oomph 

‘To help your eyes standout use a liquid liner around your eyes and the more prominent faux lashes the better. A little trick is to really bring in the corner of your eyes right to the ridge of your nose to make your eyes looks narrow, like a vampire. 

Make everything stick with Vaseline

‘Then, wherever you wish to place the fake blood splatter, generously apply Vaseline on the area to help to stick down red glitter or sequins. A makeup brush is a great tool to use for this process. You can then start applying the red jewels or sequins on top of the Vaseline.

‘You may need to pay some attention to your lips to get the desired effect as it can be quite fiddly. Finish off with red gloss that should be dabbed on/around then jewels to help bring the fake blood splatter to life.’


Laura says you can use a toothpick to apply the skull design on, for symmetry and style this Halloween 

Don’t focus on the eyes

Make-up expert Laura says that you can use a toothpick to bring this look together. 

She advises: ‘Firstly, apply your normal makeup, keeping your eyes minimal as they are not the focal point. Focus more on the contouring, using a brown tone on your nose and cheekbones to help overly define your features.

A toothpick will help you create the look

‘You can opt for a shimmering iced colour lip-gloss and then using black eyeliner or black face paint, use the flat side of a toothpick, applying about a centimetre in length of the black liquid and keep repeating until you are happy with the skull design.

‘Finally, use a powdery eye shadow with a brush to lightly apply on the outer edge of your nose up to the inside of your eyebrows for a real-life skeletal look.’


If you are looking to directly copy @sfxbethanyebbie on TikTok, Laura says,  then you can recreate this look by smudging the deeper part of the eye shadow with the liquid eyeliner

Using simple make-up tools like eyeshadow can help recreate fun details, like an eyebrow cut, Laura says

Apply matte foundation

Laura praises this look for it’s low effort, maximum results methodology, finishing you up with a glamorously scary vampire. 

She says: ‘This process is simple but highly effective. All you likely need is your normal makeup products or a quick hunt in your make up draws at home. Apply a primer followed by concealer and matt foundation for maximum coverage. Your foundation on this occasion can look heavier than usual to help contrast. 

Focus on building up your eyes 

Loosely using a metallic red or deep berry eyeshadow, such as one by Mac, outlining your desired shape all the way up to the edge of the tip of your outer brows. Don’t forget under your eyes too – smudging is a good trick here.

‘Then start layering the makeup by applying purple and deep brown metallic shades on your eyelids.

‘While your base is settling use a good quality brow groomer/tool (such as Laura Kay’s Ultimate Brow Tool) to define your hair strokes and the aim is to really get them to stand out so I would advise going two shades darker than usual.

Go wild with liquid eyeliner 

‘The final stage of the eye look is liquid eyeliner which should be applied heavily all around the inner eye socket and you can play around with a design over your eyeshadow – however you feel comfortable.

‘If you are looking to directly copy @sfxbethanyebbie on TikTok then you can copy this look by smudging the deeper part of her eye shadow with the liquid eyeliner and blend together with a soft brush and then draw a swirly effect. You can also apply small dots by gently dabbing the liquid tip like here.

‘The fake cut above her brow can be recreated using the eyeshadow shades. Use stand-out false eye lashes. Her Halloween lips can be achieved with bold red lipstick. 

Use a bright red lipliner for definition

If you don’t have a dark berry lipstick then dab your brown eyeshadow over the top and blend in an up and downwards motion. Finish off with a red tinted sheer lip gloss and use the side of the gloss stick to create the blood effect. Contact lenses optional.’

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