Man buys cufflinks from charity shop for £2 – then finds they’re worth a fortune

A charity shop reseller has made a bargain from pre-loved items after making £1,000 from his purchases.

Fashion lover "Splash" posted on TikTok to invite fans to "come shop with me" at a charity shop.

Starting off, he said: "Alright it's Tuesday I'm going to hit up a couple charity shops to see if I can get anything."

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But, as he skimmed through the mens' clothes on the rail, the prices didn't impress him.

"To be fair, for the most part, there was a couple of days of things but all the prices have gone up recently, it's like £20 for a jacket," he explained.

"It ain't worth picking them up."

So he set his sights instead on a pair of white and red Air Jordans in a size 10, but was again surprised by the price tag.

The TikToker said: "They were £100 so I left them as well, nothing really worth picking up until I found these £2 cufflinks – I did a dig on Google and these are retailed for £995, which is mad but the profit is insane.

"I also got a pair of gloves from TK Maxx."

At the end of the quick shop, he claimed to have put them both up on re-sell platform, Twig, and made a profit of £1,000.

He claimed that he will donate half of the earnings to charity.

Viewers were curious to know the location of the charity shop and the brand of the gold cufflinks.

"We should start like proper looking for stuff like this," one tagged his friend in the comments.

One shared: "I got a jacket, immaculate condition, £14, and £275 new from a charity shop the other week. Great finds out there."

Another tipped: "My charity shops don't sell anything for more than £5 – shoes, coats, books, everything."

"Go to Chiswisk high street, Kensington church street charity shops!" a third recommended.


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