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A man was mocked by viewers after he proudly showed off his dental treatment — a full set of very bright veneers.

Harry flew to Turkey to undergo a teeth whitening treatment as well as a hair transplant three weeks ago and posted an update to his viewers after his trip.

"20 new teeth and a hair transplant, less than 36 hours bosh!" he wrote in an Instagram post.

The 6ft3in Brit recently took TikTok by storm after he posted a "before and after" video to show off his new pearly whites.

But viewers reacted differently than what he was expecting.

Harry shared a footage of him at the dental clinic right after the dentist had shaved his teeth to pegs.

He grinned at the camera and put on a snarl face.

"Would you kiss me?" he asked in an overlay text in the video before it cuts to a selfie he took inside a car — showing him flashing his very bright veneers in a big smile.

To his surprise, many viewers wrote to him saying: "No, and no!"

"That is definitely not a level up," one said and a second commented: "I mean I'm all for fake teeth, but not three times bigger than what they should be."

"Oh my goodness the brightness is hurting me eyes," a third penned.

Some compared his new teeth to horse teeth while others joked he has had a "gum shield" on.

But Harry didn't get let down by the comments, he made effort to put on a "dating look" and asked viewers if they would date him.

"Yes, big save on electricity as well" one brutally mocked his bright veneers.

But some social media users sided with Harry, with a woman commenting: "I think they look good, why are you all hating?"

"I respect the way you handle hate comments by joking about your teeth," a second added.

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