Man hailed as 'wizard' for sharing easy fix for broken zips

Over the years, we’ve probably all thrown something away because the zip is broken.

This hack, shared by a cobbler on TikTok, might have saved those clothes and shoes from the bin.

The shoe repairman, who runs a shop in Orpington in Kent, showed how to get a zip that won’t do up back to its best.

All you need is a pair of pliers and a hammer, which is what he used to fix a pair of boots brought in by a customer.

In his video, which has been liked over 220,000 times, the cobbler says: ‘What we do, if you put the zip itself on something hard, give it a hard background.

‘The zip runner itself runs on two plates, top and bottom, they run parallel and after the zip wears a little while, they open up so instead of the teeth interlocking, one sits on top of the other and they don’t close.

DIY zip fix for when I refuses to close #shoerepair #timberland #zip #ziprepair #diy

‘Our aim today is to tap the back of the zip back into its original position using a pair of pliers on the very back of the zip, so right on the very back either side, a small hammer.’

He puts the boot onto a flat surface (in this case a cobbler’s tool, but you can lay your item on anything that works).

The pliers are then used to hold the zip in place before he gives it a tap of the hammer top-down. Just like that, the zip works again.

Comments poured in on the video from people impressed by the hack.

One said, ‘My mom works as a not-for-profit thrift store and you’ve just saved us from having to toss a lot of boots. Thank you!’

Another wrote: ‘I tried this on a onesie and OMG it worked. Thanks so much for this little secret.’

It’s simple things like these that are a huge help in everyday situations.

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