A French man living in the US shared his "first date disaster" that left him dashing out of a restaurant.

Actor and model Renan Pacheco went viral on TikTok after he shared what happened on his "first date in America".

The clip, which amassed nearly 18million views, left people reeling as Renan lifted the lid on his love life.

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"I had my first date with an American woman, it was a disaster!" he jumped straight in to the story.

"I arrive at the restaurant, first of all her name is Kimberley. Oh lala, Kimberley, it's not my favourite name but it's fine.

"She's pretty, so we sit down we take the menu and she looks me in the eye and she tells me she doesn't eat gluten."

Then he recalled his initial reaction and reenacted what he told to his date: "You don't eat gluten? How can you not eat gluten?

"Gluten is my life. Kimberley, gluten is… croissant. Gluten is, is, baguette, how can you not eat gluten?"

Getting confused and frustrated at that point, Renan said he decided to order a glass of wine so he could take a breather.

"I ask her what do you want to drink and she says to me she doesn't drink alcohol," he said and gasped.

"How can you not drink alcohol in your life? Kimberley! Wine is joy! So I'm sorry, I left the restaurant without saying goodbye.

"I couldnt' stay there, I can't have a love relationship with someone who doesn't eat gluten and doesn't drink wine. I'm sorry Kimberley."

The comical take of his first date in America left many viewers giggling and some said they could understand his struggle.

"Every European understands the pain," one commented and a second added: "'Gluten is… croissant!' – That's my new phrase for every moment of disbelief."

"I love how you pronounce 'Kimberley' like it's a curse word!" a third chimed in.


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