A MAN was left sick to his stomach after allegedly finding his Whole Food meal crawling with bugs.

The disgusted diner only spotted them just as he was about to start eating, he claimed.

In a disturbing TikTok video, a man had plated his meal which consisted of broccoli, carrots, and chicken.

The user had just bought a pre-washed, pre-packaged meal kit from the mega supermarket and felt comfortable enough to not wash it again at home.

However, as he sat down to eat, he noticed some black dots on his broccoli.

After taking a closer look, he claimed he noticed that several small bugs with wings sat on top of the broccoli.

Shockingly, the bugs apparently almost covered the broccoli, which caused the man to quickly shoot a video and call out the company.

The Sun reached out to Whole Foods for comment but received none at the time of publication.

Following his posting the video, his followers took to the comment section to reveal that they had allegedly seen the same type of bugs in other fresh produce.

One person shared: "Anytime I get broccoli from Whole Foods, those bugs are always on it – prewashed and frozen ones!"

A second one commented: "I saw these in my organic broccoli the other day and I kinda never want to eat broccoli again."

And a third agreed, adding: "This had happened to me every single time I've bought Whole Foods broccoli."

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Others weren't as sympathetic as they slammed the user for not washing his veggies – even if they were pre-washed.

One person wrote: "You guys know you're supposed to wash your fruits and vegetables before eating them right?"

A second one chimed in and said: "Even if it says ready to eat, always let the veggies soak in equal parts vinegar and water."

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