A man who cut out tap water and now only drinks and bathes in bottled water claims the move has 'changed his life'.

John Junior switched from tap water to bottled water five months ago – and now claims he no longer suffers from anxiety, migraines and eczema.

The IT consultant spends £12 a day in Co-op buying supermarket water to wash with and Fiji water to drink, which works out at roughly £360 a month or £4,300 a year.

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However, he says the money is worth it, considering all the benefits he's seen.

After experimenting cutting out different parts of his diet, John concluded that cutting out tap water was the key to his improved health.

He now uses 30 litres of cold water a day to bathe in, with him adding just a single kettle of hot water to feel comfortable.

The 34-year-old, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, says he's cut down on buying takeout coffee and other luxuries in order to afford the water amid the cost of living crisis.

He commented: "I'm not a scientist – but it's genuinely changed my life. I don't know why it works for me.

"Maybe I'm allergic to the chlorine that they use to disinfect the water. But there must be something in it to make me feel so bad."

Despite being unable to drive, John says he manages to get water from his local store by delivery or with the help of friends.

However, he sometimes has to travel into Manchester to buy it in bulk when it's unavailable nearby. John has even visited the source of Co-op's water.

As well as migraines and eczema, John claims ditching water has helped with his PTSD too.

"I have PTSD as well after seeing my father die in front of me in 2018, which has become much better since I cut out the tap water," he said.

"I'd been offered medication to help fight the PTSD but it didn't work for me, along with loads of other holistic ways like going to the gym, swimming and stuff – none of it seemed to help.

"From then I'd struggled with my anxiety and even my eczema, but now I've cut out the water it feels better. I actually feel healthier – I genuinely think it's the devil's drink."


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