Man who spent over £75k on tattoo journey shows throwback of first body suit

Tattoos can be a long process.

But that hasn't stopped one dad from embarking on one of the most incredible journeys we've ever seen.

Remy, from Canada, has spent over 1,200 hours and thousands of pounds on his transformation.

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The dad is currently on his "third body suit" and in the process of a never-seen-before kind of ink.

He loves tattoos so much that he's constantly under the needle with no signs of slowing down.

Now in a recent post to his 209,000 Instagram fans, Remy showed a throwback of him in his early-20s.

The ex-chef wrote: "From many many years ago near the end of the 'first suit'."

He added: "What seemed like the end was only the beginning of a much longer journey.

"For me it was never a sprint it's a marathon, and a labor of love.

"If I live to be very old, I'll have many fond memories of all the many steps along the way that made me who I am."

Remy has spent way over £75,000 on his tattoos as he previously revealed inking his bum was the most painful.

He got his first facial piercing in 2001 before an ink of his son's name in custom script around eight years later.

The chef has since spent a fortune on his transformation which includes piercings and jewellery on his body.

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Last year, Remy said: "Since I started getting tattooed I've spent around $120,000-130,000 CAD (£70,000-£75,000).

"But including piercings and jewellery I'm well over $150,000 CAD (£87,000)."

And it's no wonder why fans are in awe of his progress as his recent post racked up a lot of attention.

One said: "You are fantastic," while another added: "I've always loved the idea that tattoos are more than just art!

"An expression of you and your place in time."

A third admitted: "Looked good then look better now."

And a fourth praised: "It's great I love the colours," as a fifth wrote: "I almost didn't recognise you."

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"Aww so nostalgic," commented a sixth user.

We can't wait to see what Remy does next…

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