Man’s simple and crispy roast potato recipe branded ‘the best one ever’

A man's roast potato recipe has left mouths watering as he shows how he achieves the perfect crispiness in a video demonstration of his failsafe cooking method.

In the clip, uploaded on his @jimlad83 TikTok channel, expert potato roaster Jim starts by parboiling Maris Piper potatoes in salted water, straining the water off, and giving them a shake.

Meanwhile, he has prepared a deep baking tray with generous lashings of Crisp 'N Dry, a branded rapeseed oil that many chefs swear by, and heated it in the oven.

He then gets the hot tray out of the oven and arranges the parboiled potatoes over the oil.

Jim then adds several shakes of salt and four dollops of clover margarine on top of the potatoes and then roasts them in a fan oven at 180C for 45 minutes, turns them once, and cooks for another 40 minutes.

The home cook is "TikTok famous" for his roasties with have netted him more than 3 million views in total, and his latest roast potato video was heaped with praise from fans.

"Doing these in an hour Jimlad, thank god for your recipes," wrote one.

Another gushed: "Love that Jim boss."

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"Looks lush mate! Enjoy them Jim," commented someone else.

Jim's roast potato journey has been chronicled in a series of TikTok videos, with the dad and husband experimenting with dozens of variations until he found the perfect method.

This comes after a man's roast dinner sandwich went viral, with foodies saying they were "crying" with jealousy and begging for a taste.

Meanwhile, Biscoff doughnuts have become an Instagram craze, with the recipe surprisingly easy to follow and healthier than traditional doughnuts because they are baked in the oven.

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