Martin Lewis has shared a clever trick which helps McDonald’s customers save money on their food order.

The Money Saving Expert explained the advice on This Morning.

After all, every penny counts when you’re trying to save up or are on a limited budget.

Apparently, getting free food is easier than you think, according to Martin.

He explained that all you need to do to get a cheap Big Mac is fill in the McDonald’s surgery on its website, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Plus, you can spend 20p on a sweet curry dip to get a receipt – this will then allow you to save money when you buy your actual meal.

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Visit the McDonald’s Food for Thoughts site and enter the code on the receipt to fill in the survey.

When you’ve completed the survey you’ll get a five digit code, take a note on your receipt and hand it to the cashier when placing your next order.

Now, it will act as a voucher!

And, once you’ve bought your cheap Big Mac you’ll get another receipt and you can do the same process all over again to get another cheaper meal.


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As a meal, a Big Mac and fries costs £4.79, but you can save £2.80 with this neat rewards offer.

Martin said: “You'll never pay the £4 for the Big Mac and fries.”

Don’t eat beef? No problem!

You can also exchange the Big Mac for a Veggie Deluxe or Filet-o-Fish and swap the chips for a healthier side salad.

Meaning your family’s McDonald’s treat dinner now comes in at a much lower price.

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