Martin Lewis shares tip on how to beat 7.5% water bill increase as one viewer saves £400

Martin Lewis has been sharing his best saving tips on his show, The Martin Lewis Money Show, to help viewers as the cost of living crisis starts to bite.

The money saving expert, who recently shared his tips on keeping your house warm without switching on your heating, has explained how savvy brits can potentially dodge the expected 7.5% water bill rise – and it’s surprisingly easy.

With water bills set to shoot up by 7.5% in England and 5% in Scotland, Martin is advising people to check if they’re entitled to a free water meter.

Water bills are usually based on what’s known as the rateable value, which means that the house will be billed not on details of their consumption but largely on the size and location of the house.

This means, Martin advises, if you’re living in a house with spare bedrooms or feel that you use very little water, you might be able to save money by tracking your exact use via a water meter.

On the show, he pointed out that two people living in a three bed house would “likely save” on a water meter.

The meters are often available on two year trials and are offered by most of the UK’s water providers.

Martin pointed to the example of Debra, a woman who had already taken this advice, who wrote in to say that she had already saved hundreds of pounds after the switch.

“Last year we paid £717 so we opted for a two year trial to have a meter. Chuffed to bits with our first bill of £121, with an average saving of £400. We have since shared this with our family and friends and three have changed to a water meter as well.”

Martin explained that Debra receives her bill every six months, so if her next bill is about the same amount, she can expect to save around £475 on her water bill over the year.

“These are substantial savings,” Martin said, before explaining that if you don’t see results, you should be able to switch back to the old system within the two year trial period without any issues if you do so voluntarily.

However, he added that you check if you’re able to ditch your water meter if need be before taking the plunge.

Martin, who recently explained how to check your energy bill is correct, also offered his advice for customers if their water company refuses to fit them a meter as he acknowledged that in some cases it will be “postcode dependent”.

The 50 year old expert suggests asking for an “assessed change” if a meter isn’t a possibility and that disabled people, who may require more baths for medical reasons, should inquire with their provider to find out if they’re entitled to a cheaper tariff.


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