MATT Gaetz has tied the knot with girlfriend Ginger Luckey at a small ceremony as he continues to battle sex trafficking allegations.

The Florida Rep eloped to Southern California and married Luckey on Catalina Island on Saturday before sharing the news on Twitter, exclaiming "I love my wife!" along with a photo of them together — he in a sport coat, she in a white dress.

Sergio Gor, a former staffer for Sen. Rand Paul, performed Gaetz's intimate ceremony that was attended by about 40 people, Vanity Fair reports.

The controversial 39-year-old Republican, who is under investigation as part of a sex trafficking probe, had previously said he would be getting hitched next year.

Luckey, 26, is from Southern California and works for a company that focuses on extending the life of products made from plant-based materials.

Gaetz had been in Iowa on Thursday with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, where they were run out of their press conference by protesters including one with a Donald Trump effigy.

The Republicans were holding the event at the Department of Justice when it was derailed by a man in yellow blowing a whistle under his face mask.

After the lone protester "entirely drowned out the GOP members," according to Salon reporter Zachary Petrizzo, Gaetz and Greene were quickly rushed out of the presser.

The pair were quickly escorted into individual cars by their team, but Gaetz received more abuse.

"Are you a pedophile?" one protester repeatedly shouted. The representative continued toward his car in silence.

Federal prosecutors are examining whether Gaetz paid underage girls or offered them gifts in exchange for sex, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Investigators have also been looking at whether Gaetz and his associates tried to secure government jobs for some of the women, the people said.

They are also scrutinizing Gaetz’s connections to the medical marijuana sector, including whether his associates sought to influence legislation Gaetz sponsored.

The people had knowledge of the investigation but were not allowed to publicly discuss the ongoing investigation and spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity.

Gaetz has denied the allegations and any accusation of wrongdoing and has said repeatedly he will not resign from Congress.

A spokesman for the congressman has said Gaetz "never had sex with a minor and has never paid for sex."

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