McDonald's is axing two of its popular items from menus from tomorrow

McDonald’s is axing two of its popular items from menus from tomorrow – even though customers have demanded they stay

  • UK fans of McDonald’s must be quick if they want to enjoy two popular items
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McDonald’s has revealed it is axing two new and popular items from its menus tomorrow even though customers have demanded they stay.

Outlets across the UK will be saying goodbye to two recent menu additions tomorrow, despite potentially facing backlash from fans.

The fast food giant has been honouring the 40th birthday of its popular McNuggets with a month-long celebration including new dips for the tasty treat.

And even though fans have been begging McDonald’s to keep several of them around, they’ve announced they will be axing two of the most popular flavours.

From Wednesday 31st May customers will no longer be able to get their hands on the Mega Hot Sauce and the Garlic Mayo dips, which are being removed after just three weeks on UK menus.

McDonald’s is sure to disappoint some of its fans by removing two popular items from menus starting from tomorrow

Fans are sure to be disappointed because the recent sauces have proved very popular with fans, with many taking to Twitter to share their feelings.

One person wrote: ‘McD’s gotta keep both the garlic mayo and mega hot sauce on the menu.’

While a second added: ‘Please never remove the mega hot sauce, it’s perfect spice for a Maccas.

And someone else declared: ‘You need to make garlic mayo permanent and bottled! It’s the GOAT of dips.

‘I will even go as far as saying better than curry dip. Please make my dream come true.’

McDonald’s is launching the new Creamy Ranch dip to go with its McNuggets from Wednesday 31st May

It is also releasing Chipotle Mayo for fans wanting something smoky to go with their meal on the same date

Fans have been asking the fast-food giant to keep the Mega Hot Sauce around

However, it’s not all bad news for McDonald’s fans because they are launching two new dips on Wednesday to make up for it.

Following on from the success of the Mega Hot Sauce and Garlic Mayo, customers will be able to enjoy Chipotle Mayo and Creamy Ranch. 

In early May McDonald’s announced it would be celebrating the 40th birthday of its McNuggets with a series of delicious ideas.   

For the first time ever in history it even served up a 12 McNuggets sharebox named Douze McNuggs, to tie in with the Eurovision Song Contest that was taking place in Liverpool.

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