Meghans response to Harry shows she runs the whole show says expert

Harry & Meghan: Explosive trailer for Netflix documentary

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Appearing on the American TV show The Morning Show, body language expert Dr Louise Mahler analysed some of the key moments and “unspoken narrative” in Meghan and Harry’s Netflix documentary, which was released in December 2022.

For their Netflix series, Meghan and Harry were interviewed separately but they also appeared talking to the camera and answering questions sitting next to each other.

The couple showed two very different personalities side by side, the body language expert opined.

“Side by side, I see a man completely besotted by her, madly in love. And I see a woman who plays that up,” she claimed.

Louise continued: “I see a woman who does a lot of breathiness, a lot of breathiness… since she talked about ‘We were in a tent and there was an elephant rustling in the bushes, and he said he’d protect me’.

“Sorry but if there is an elephant in the bush nobody is going to protect you!” the body language guru added.

According to Louise, Prince Harry looked genuinely in love with Meghan while the Duchess of Sussex talked about their love story “very theatrically”.

However, there was a “beautiful story” at the beginning of the series when the couple talked about how they met.

Harry and Meghan agreed to meet at 76 Dean Street in Soho, London, to have dinner and drinks together, but Harry was half an hour late.

The body language expert commented: “The story showed their relationship when they first met because he was half an hour late and she says ‘Well, I don’t tolerate this. It’s just not suitable behaviour, and I left’.

“And then he goes ‘Oh oh darling, can I say?’ And he is very reticent to say, and he goes ‘Actually you were late for the second meeting!’ And she goes ‘Yes, well I had to have a shower!’.”

Louise claimed that this response shows that “he is very reticent and that she runs the whole show”.

In the TV series, Meghan explained: “I couldn’t understand why he would be late. But he kept texting. He was like, ‘I’m in traffic. I’m so sorry’.”

“I was panicking, I was freaking out,” Harry said. “I was like, sweating.”

Meghan continued: “I was like, ‘Oh, is this what he does?’ Got it. Like this, I’m not doing. I’m not gonna sit…” to what Harry asked: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

She explained: “Like you’re one of those guys who have so much of an ego that any girl would sit waiting for a half hour for you. I was just not interested in that.”

When Harry arrived, he was “a hot, sweaty, red ball of mess”. Meghan added: “You were just so sweet. You were like, genuinely so embarrassed and late.”

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The body language expert also addressed the “uncomfortable” and “awkward” moment when Meghan tried to recreate a curtsy.

She commented: “The whole story about the curtsy was disrespectful. If you went to a different country with a different culture, say Japan, and they said you had to bow, you would not make fun of that bow.

“You would see it as a creative opportunity, you wouldn’t suddenly talk about ‘Oh in medieval times etc’.

“I think he was definitely embarrassed at that moment and this was one of the few moments he was embarrassed, and I think he should be embarrassed a lot more,” the expert opined.

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