Men think I take steroids and fear asking me out – they go for my mum instead

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    A ripped woman known as the Barnsley Basher says men are too intimidated to ask her out while others are convinced she takes steroids.

    Super strong Sophie Larissa Weiss also said blokes rather ask her mum for her number rather than talk to her directly.

    The 30-year-old is a martial arts fanatic who beats men up for a living from her living room for cash.

    READ MORE: 'I beat men up from my living room for cash – they fly across world to be punched by me'

    Her father is a world champion bodybuilder too – and Sophie trains with him four times a week.

    Speaking with Daily Star, she said: “I do get a lot of trolls and men say ‘oh you look masculine’ and they literally accuse me of taking steroids and stuff and I’m not even that big.

    “It is obviously my genetics and I just train and eat very well so it’s just because I get it quite often.

    “It bothered me at first but now I don’t give a s**t because I am used to it and I take it as a compliment.

    "The reason I take it as a compliment is they obviously think my body is not achievable.

    “All it is is hard work and food and the secret is not starving yourself.”

    The Yorkshire lass is desired by men on the internet and when she is not choking out guys on her living room floor she makes money on OnlyFans.

    One month she made £11,000 – but despite her success selling racy photos, the real world can be more challenging.

    She explained: “When it comes to dating and stuff it is hard. I have been on holiday with my mother in the past and I never realised this but men are intimidated by me and I didn’t know.

    “I just thought they didn’t find me attractive or something. I would go out with my friends and stuff and my mates would get chatted up and I never did and I thought there was something genuinely wrong with me."

    Remembering trips with her mum when the penny dropped, she added: “It was when I started going on holiday with my mother and we would go to a bar and these guys would start chatting with my mam and they would never chat to me.

    “I remember one night thinking f**ing hell my mam is on a role. She then told me they were going through her to speak to me. That’s intimidation, isn’t it? They must find me intimidating but I don’t know why.”

    Asked whether this bothered her, she responded: “Yeah it does because why? I don’t want to be with a p***y. I attract submissive weak men in relationships.

    “I just think when they see me doing martial arts or whatever they think I have masculine energy. I am also really independent because I have my own goals and I train like a man and fight like one.

    “I think that can put off a lot of guys.”

    Despite the trolls and being perceived as a daunting character, Sophie has many admirers.

    Some men ask for tips on how to get a six-pack while others keep her updated on their fitness transformations.

    And one fan even flew over from Spain to be roughed up by her.

    Explaining her bonkers career in a previous interview with us, she said: “I beat up men for a living.

    "They want me to dominate them with wrestling moves and they like to be punched in the face.

    “I had a guy from Madrid who flew all the way over to be punched in the face by me. He got a cheap flight and hotel but I charge £500 an hour and he spent two hours here.

    “My dad thinks it’s funny and great and he was telling people on holiday in Egypt all about it. He was like ‘oh yeah my daughter throws men around for a living’.”


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