Molly-Mae Hague compares her look to ‘Jaws’ after chipping and swallowing part of tooth

Less than a year after Molly-Mae Hague pledged to go back to a more natural smile by undoing some of her dental work, she’s had to head back to a clinic to fix one of teeth after a mishap left her with a snaggle tooth.

The 22-year-old influencer took to Instagram to show fans her dagger-like premolar – and joked that she thought the jagged shape made her teeth resemble Jaws, the great white shark from the iconic 1975 movie.

“A couple of days ago I woke up to a completely chipped tooth. It happened in my sleep. I’m on my way to the dentist now because I look like a shark with a dagger tooth. I’ll show you soon and hopefully it’ll look a lot better!” Molly-Mae explained in the Instagram Story video, showing her tooth to the camera.

She then returned to her Stories later with an update for her 6.2 million followers: “Thankfully guys, the kids are no longer running in the other direction when I smile. We are whole again! Yay. My shark snaggle tooth is gone. I should have explained it better but it’s the composite bonding I had on that edge tooth that snapped clean off, and I swallowed it potentially.”

“Thanks to the guys at Ruh Dental for sorting it out,” she added, tagging in the dental clinic she visited.

Though Molly-Mae revealed last April that she was having her composite bonding on her teeth removed, in a bid to get her natural smile back, it looks like she decided to keep the bonding on a couple of her less visible teeth.

“On this journey to becoming more natural, I decided it was time for one more change. Goodbye composite bonds, hello natural teethies,” the former Love Island star said last year, referring to the fact she’d already had her lip and cheek filler dissolved at that point.

The social media influencer also revealed to her fans around the same time that her “biggest regret” was getting lip fillers at a young age, and that she “hated” looking at pictures of herself from when she overdid the cosmetic treatments.

As Molly-Mae has likely discovered this week, maintaining cosmetic work can come at a hefty price. We wonder if this mishap has inspired her to remove all her remaining bonding work.

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