Mom accidentally hired Barbie for her 5-year-old's birthday party

Mother accidentally hired a stripper for her daughter’s Barbie-themed 5th birthday (but at least she stayed fully clothed!)

  • Julia, from Maine, US, revisits the blunder experience as a child in TikTok video 
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A mother has revealed how she turned pink with embarrassment when she realized that the Barbie who performed at one of her childhood parties was actually a stripper. 

Julia Duggan, a 32-year-old pharmacist who lives in Maine, New England, told the story to her 18,000 followers on TikTok, sparking hilarious responses from fellow ’90s and 80s kids’ who experienced similar party fiascos. 

In the video, which has amassed more than 200,000 likes and 750 comments, Julia explained the situation while  getting ready to watch the Barbie movie at the theater.

She recalled having a Barbie-themed party for her 5th birthday, and that her mother hired someone from the phonebook by searching under the ‘Entertainers’ section. 

A Massachusetts mom explained the moment she realized that the Barbie who turned up to host her party as a young child actually turned out to be a stripper

Julia’s mother found one entertainer listed as ‘Barbie,’ and booked her immediately because it was the finishing touch for a 90s girl’s dream party. 

‘The woman shows up, and she’s a stripper, and I love her,’ Julia gushed in the footage, ‘She played along. She did not take off her clothes. I followed her around, thrilled that Barbie came to to my birthday party, and all of the parents there had a really good laugh.’

Julia told that the Barbie impersonator arrived to the party wearing a bikini top and a grass skirt, while also sporting some ‘very long blonde hair.’

‘I just remember holding her hand and walking around. I was starstruck,’ she recalled. 

When Julia had reached high school, it was only then that she learned of the truth about who ‘Barbie’ really was.

‘Before we moved,’ Julia continued, ‘My mother and I were looking at old photos and I was like “Uh, what kind of Barbie did you hire for my birthday?” and my mom was like, “Oh, it’s an interesting story”.’ 

From the responses written by bemused individuals under the TikTok video, it seems Julia’s mother wasn’t the only one who’s made an inappropriate birthday party blunder. 

Julia Duggan told the story to her 18,000 followers on TikTok, explaining that her mother found an entertainer that was listed as ‘Barbie’ in a phonebook from the 1990s

One person confirmed: ‘I think this might have happened a lot from Yellow Page finds… my parents found a strip club an accidentally took us kids there!’

Another individual, experiencing waves of nostalgia, said: ‘My mom accidentally ordered the spice channel in place of a Spice Girls concert on pay per view once.’

A fellow user said: ‘My parents hired a clown for my birthday (80s) and he was super late and showed up drunk. The adults let the show go on so we wouldn’t be disappointed.’ 

Another commenter testified: ‘My mom accidentally served a rum cake at one of my parties when I was a kid. Lol.’

Meanwhile, others found Julia’s story to have rather wholesome undertones, despite the incongruous turn of events. 

Julia’s mother isn’t the only one alone in being responsible for an inappropriate birthday party blunder, as commenters gathered to share their own hilarious childhood party blunders 

One user, alluding to the impersonator, said: ‘Probably one of the best parties she’s been to! Free cake and no drunks!’

Another agreed, writing: ‘Probably her most fulfilling but least profitable days at work.’

A final commenter, touched by elements of the story, said: ‘That’s an awesome story. So glad it worked out and thanks for sharing! I wonder if she’ll see this someday and share her side of the story.’

It appears that even today with a wider range of planning resources, parents can capable of mistakenly incorporating questionable elements in their children’s parties – or, to some, intentionally. 

A mother in Mexico was accused in 2022 of throwing a ‘SATANIC’ birthday party for her one-year-old daughter after using demonic decorations at the baby’s bash. 

Janeth Zapata, from Mexico, shared a video of her daughter, Lilith, celebrating her first birthday while sporting at a black outfit.

The TikTok video, which garnered over 2.4 million views, featured some of the decoration Janeth used at her tot’s party, which sent social media users into a fiery rage.

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