THIS is the moment a catcher is struck on the face by a massive python after it was found lurking in a family’s garden.

The terrifying serpent can be seen wrapping around the neck of the catcher in shocking video before it pounces at the man's head.

The fearless catcher, Josh Castle, narrowly avoided serious injuries when he was holding the python whilst filming for his YouTube channel.

The python was found in Northlakes, Queensland, when Josh had been called out to deal with the garden terror.

But despite the terrifying attack, he did not seem too fazed after the incident, commenting on Instagram: “He even had a crack at my face.

“Thought I’d start lifting snakes on my neck to bulk up”

Josh claims that one in three houses in Australia have a carpet python on the premises.

The snakes have 80 razor sharp teeth but only hunt mice and other small creatures like rabbits. 

Following the incident the snake was later relocated to a safe location.

Carpet Python Fact File

The Morelia Spilota, is commonly referred to as the carpet python.

It can be found in Australia, New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago and the northern Solomon Islands.

The average size of a carpet python ranges from 2 to 4 metres.

They can weigh up to 15KG.

Although not poisonous the large snake can cause serious lacerations and punctures from its 80 backwards teeth which could cause death.

They eat house mice and other invasive species like rabbits. 

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