Monacos royal children compared to George, Charlotte and Louis

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Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco’s children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella regularly take part in public appearances with their parents, despite being just eight years old. spoke exclusively to body language expert Judi James about the Monagasque Royal Family always appearing as a four, compared to Wales’. 

Just yesterday, Princess Charlene was accompanied by her children for the Ceremony of the Sainte-Devote in Monaco; one of the oldest traditions that take place every year and sees the royals lighting a fire to burn a boat before a firework display. 

Should the British Royal Family ever have an event like this, it is highly unlikely Wales’ children would attend. 

Christmas Day 2022 was the first time Prince Louis attended church service, with Prince George and Princess Charlotte having attended for a few years with the wider Royal Family. 

Last year was an exception because of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations which saw members of the Royal Family of all ages and ranks attend a wide variety of events on behalf of the late monarch. 

Instead, it has been reported the Prince and Princess of Wales allow their eldest two children, one royal engagement each to attend. 

Last year, Prince George opted to watch a match at Wimbledon, whereas Princess Charlotte watched the Commonwealth Games swimming races.  

This is in stark contrast to the Monagasque twins who appear several times a month – even at star-studded events like the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Judi commented: “Prince Albert grew up with a semi-celebrity lifestyle thanks to his US film star mother and his two beautiful sisters who both had profiles as socialites as well as royals.

“Thanks to this and possibly also thanks to his own wife’s illness that caused a long separation during the pandemic, he and Charlene appear to prefer to present themselves as a family team with a line-up of four that includes their young twins.

“Gabriella and Jacques seem to have been more frequently immersed in the public side of royal life than Kate and William’s children. 

“George, Charlotte and Louis only make rare appearances that are showing signs of some careful coaching and training behind the scenes. 

“The younger Gabriella and Jacques seem set to learn on the job, as part of the team of four with their parents.

“An intrinsic difference in the family experience is that whereas George, Charlotte and Louis are different ages, meaning George would have faced any immersion like this as an only child initially, Albert’s children are twins, meaning they have each always had sibling company and back-up from the word go,” the expert added. 

“Interestingly, rather than causing increased anxiety, the rationed appearances from our UK royal children always seem to have thrown up body language signals of confidence and even what looks like relaxed informality from little Louis in particular. 

“Instead of looking fazed by the crowds and cameras he [Louis] appeared totally able to behave playfully with little if any signs of inhibitions at both the Jubilee and at Christmas.

“Little Gabriella and Jacques can often look more diffident at events and even though there are photos showing them seeming to have a good time and playing together, they will often pose shyly as their parents place reassuring-looking hands on their shoulders or offer loving hugs.” 

Princess Charlene previously discussed the future roles of her children during a conversation with local newspaper Monaco Matin. 

The royal said while they were “born with responsibilities and duties” they are still learning their royal roles.

“With my husband, when we have to go to an event, we explain to them what the nature of this event, this ceremony is,” she said. 

“They like accompanying us, and with the Prince, the four of us enjoy doing these together. But as I said, they are still young, they continue to observe, to learn before it will become natural for them.”

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