Most common LinkedIn spelling mistakes that could be costing you a new job

Job hunting can take a lot of time and effort.

And networking on LinkedIn is a great tool to use during a job search – whether it’s connecting with hiring managers or key players in your field.

However, it seems there’s one crucial mistake that could be costing you a brand new role.

Spelling and grammatical errors could be getting in the way of you securing a new job, so the team at Preply have analysed LinkedIn interfaces across 25 industries to find the key culprits.

It seems the top three most misspelt words on the platform are ‘management’, ‘programming’, and ‘I’m’ (commonly written as ‘Im’).

However, ‘entrepreneur’ – often incorrectly put down as ‘entreprenuer’ and ‘enterpreneur’ – has been named as the most misspelt word across the 25 specific industries.

Another offender is the word ‘accountant’, commonly misspelt as ‘accountnat’ – which is, rather shockingly, one of the accounting industry’s top spelling errors.

What’s more, ‘Bachelor’s’ is frequently missing an apostrophe before the ‘s’, making ‘Bachelors’ a top grammar mistake on LinkedIn.

Another key grammar slip-up on LinkedIn is the use of plurals and singulars, with the term ‘softwares’ frequently used, despite software being both singular and plural.

So, next time you’re sending a message, drafting a post, or uploading a CV, be sure to watch out for these common faults.

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