Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch gave birth to her second child yesterday.

Sophie Hinchliffe and her husband Jamie told their 4.1 million followers they’ve named their little boy Lennie.

They’ve also given him two middle names – Alan and James – that both have sentimental meaning.

So what made Mrs Hinch choose the adorable monikers?

On her Instagram stories, the 30-year-old said: “Both me and Jamie loved the fact that Lennie rhymes with Ronnie but also when shortened to Len rhymes with Hen. Alan is my dad’s name.”

Sophie went on to explain that James is a middle named by her first born, Ronnie.

James is also Jamie’s full name, so it pays tribute to the proud dad.

Mrs Hinch added: “James: Ronnie’s middle name is also James because Jamie’s name is actually James!

“On his birth certificate he is officially James so we wanted both our boys to have James.”

Fans gushed over the Hinchliffe’s latest addition, with many calling him “absolutely perfect”.

One commenter said: “I love that all your names end with the ‘ee’ sound!

"He’s honestly the prettiest little thing – congratulations.”

Another said: “Your dad gonna be in tears. Beautiful name, beautiful baby. We all love him.”

Sophie said her follower was right with their prediction.

She replied: “Honestly guys he hasn’t stopped crying, love him. Len also looks like a lot like my Dad I think.”

'Cleanfluencer' Sophie first announced the happy news that she was expecting her second child on New Years Day.

She admitted she had no idea she was pregnant until her mum told her she should get a pregnancy test after becoming aware of a little hint on Instagram.

After giving birth yesterday, she announced the happy news online.

She said: "I have absolutely no words to explain how I’m feeling right now guys but what I do know is that our hearts are so full. We are so very grateful and SO in love. Let the Adventures of Ron, Len & Hen begin.

"Thank you so much for all of your beautiful well wishes and messages checking in on us. Your support and love means the world. Lots of love to every single one of you xxxx Jamie, your boys and I love you."

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