A mum was left "heartbroken" for her son after no one turned up to his birthday party.

The parent had explained on TikTok (@dawners86) that she organised a celebration for her son JJ at a park for 22 guests.

She put up decorations and got food ready but was left quite puzzled when no one turned up, leaving the boy to play by himself.

The user told viewers: "So we're sitting at the park for JJ's birthday party, we got everything ready, his party started half an hour ago.

"He had literally zero people show up for his birthday. My poor little man."

She also lifted the camera up to show her son playing alone near the swings.

While the mum understood that we're still in a pandemic, she did point out that restrictions had lifted in her area.

Also she specifically chose the location of her son's party to take place in a park so it's outdoors.

She added: "Out of 22 invites… no one came… I know it's a pandemic, but it is a park and we have reopened in my province.

"Sorry the video is shaky, I am so upset for this poor guy. He deserves better. He's amazing."

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Since it was shared earlier this week, it racked up 489,600 likes and 19,100 comments with over 2.8 million views.

Loads of TikTok viewers were also devastated for little JJ as the mum later told fans that she had been inundated with offers of gifts.

She revealed: "All the comments and offers to buy JJ presents – they are greatly appreciated.

"But JJ doesn't need any toys, he just asked politely if you guys would send any extra gifts to the children's hospital closest to you."

She concluded: "He has toys, he just wanted to spend time with friends."

The mum also explained in another video that she tried asking relatives and family friends to ask if they wanted to celebrate with JJ.

But in the end, two sets of parents arrived to help get the party going.

One even presented JJ with a homemade cuddly toy as a birthday gift.

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